Section 69A has been inserted in the IT Act by the amendments in 2008

It gives power to Central government or any authorized officer to direct any agency or intermediary(for reasons recorded in writing ) to block websites in special circumstances as applicable in Section 69.Under this Section the grounds on which such blocking is possible are quite wide. In this respect, the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking for Access of Information by Public ) Rules, 2009 were passed vide GSR 781(E) dated 27 Oct 2009 whereby websites promoting hate content, slander, defamation,promoting gambling,racism,violence and terrorism, pornography, violent s*x can reasonably be blocked.

The rules allow the blocking of websites by a court order.It further provides for review committee to review the decision to block websites. The intermediary that fails to extend cooperation in this respect is punishable offence with a term which may extend to 7 yrs and imposition of fine.

In my opinion , with these sort of amendments and laws on Internet Censorship – we are headed towards being an electronically policed state.

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