Anti-dynasty BJP gives internship position to Jyotiraditya’s son ?

Narendra Modi described the Congress as “MAA-Beta ki Sarkar” , made many barbs about the Congress dynasty. The BJP has in fact tried hard to promote the non-dynasty personalities in the Congress – Sardar Patel, Madan Mohan Malviya and others away from the Nehru dynasty.

arun jaitley jyotiraditya son internship Gives Internship Position To Jyotiradityas Son

And then suddenly we hear that Jyotiraditya’s son has been given an internship position in Arun Jaitleys’ office ?? Is this not a blatant promotion of dynasty – and family – clearly Jyotiraditya’s son got the position via his father’s relationship with Arun Jaitley – or can Arun Jaitley explain under what measurements of merit Jyotiraditya’s son was chosen over many other deserving candidates ??

Or Can there be another angle ? Has the BJP hatched a plot to break up Congress and install the non-Nehru leader Jyotoraditya as the leader and thus they are keeping close relationship with his son ?

Lots of questions – very few answers !


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