The interview of the rapist in Nirbhaya case raises some serious questions. These questions were not expressed before. Check them out –

Am happy this interview of the rapist happened and it came to light. Due process of Law. We all want to follow. But it raises some serious questions and rightly so, not that they haven’t been expressed before. If a case like Nirbhaya‘s is taking 3 years and more, whats the fate of rest of the cases. Its easy to imagine.

Nirbhaya Rape Rapist Interview The Interview of the Rapist

For victims to come out and register a case is so difficult. Social stigma, fear of retaliation by the attacker, dissuading police make it almost impossible.

Once registered, the so called fast tracking,  granted to us by law makers after so many consultations,  revelations, brain storming for years, drags on for ever.

Finally judgement delivered. Its death. Nothing less. But he appeals, the court again takes years to hear the appeal and then to take a decision on it. Let’s think, the court rejected the appeal.

The accused then appeals to the President of India. He/ She again take their own time. Now, for all we know, he might be pardoned for what ever reason or death turned to life term.

Can any one see justice here. One might even forget what happened and to whom? Is this kind of justice deterring perpetrators? The answer is the Interview in question. Instead of looking at why this is happening, our neta log are busy singling out who gave permission and take action on them. Shame on them.

Who is to blame? The Judges? The Judicial System? The Political System? Or We The People? While its easy to blame the other and which is what we have been doing till now, the answer is WRITTEN ON THE WALL IN BOLD.

Why does the Govt ban the interview to be telecast? Because its afraid of the rage it would create among the public. Because its afraid that the number of people asking questions will rise.  

Enough of sitting on the sidelines and expecting others to do what you want.
Enough of blaming it on fate.
Step On. Your Life Your Responsibility.
Do what ever is needed. Whether its participating in a protest, asking for answers from authorities, asserting your rights, disbursing your duties, supporting good politics and become a part of the process.

Be The Change You Want To See!

By: Maithreyi Nadapana

Member – Loksatta Bangalore City Committee

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