Intolerance suspended in the air since more than a month doesn’t seem to fall off India’s atmosphere, rather is growing bigger and bigger.

INTOLERANCE is most talked (USED) word in India for last few weeks by individuals, political parties, intellectuals, celebrities and self style intellectuals!

intolerance1 Intolerance In India
For several centuries, India is ruled by foreign invaders, who invaded for looting the wealth and afterwards, they bullied and tortured those whosoever opposed them and ruled over all parts of India. Few rulers (Mughals) respected Hindu sentiments and banned Beef in India. However Britishers influenced a section of Muslims in Calcutta and several butcheries were opened.

jesuit at mughal court Intolerance In India

The tolerance was intact barring few incidences of revolt by Sikhs, Marathas and Rajputs etc. Those who revolted were put in prison, brutally tortured or killed. Beheading and De-skinning were not uncommon. Tolerance have been due to fear and observation that even local rulers also surrendering for awards and shelter. Tolerance was intact even when vested interests divided the country. There were migration, anarchy, rapes and so on. For, life tolerance continued to prevail. The democracy survived till date ever since partition. The evolution of latest politics gave entry to several ambitious musclemen in power or power brokers.

rape Intolerance In India
Sharp tongue and acidic words made more harm. Non-issues were highlighted as most important issue. There must have been lot of conversion due to fear, conviction or greed offered from power center. The debates, the media, the debates on TV created salt on injuries for selfish motives of TRP. Why does a news channel make spicy news for TRP and getting Advertisements contracts?

media sold1 Intolerance In India
War of words have done great damage. One who creates hatred, should be punished with law and vote power.


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