Religious conflicts in India is gaining momentum and the day is not far when the entire country will be lost in the never-ending darkness.

The core civilization values of diversity, tolerance, & plurality have kept India united. In recent years these values have been eroded. We cannot allow washing out these values from our nation. This core value civilization kept us together for centuries & promoted tolerance, endurance, & plurality. Much ancient civilization had fallen during these long years but ours flourishes despite several aggression & long foreign rule. Indian civilization has survived because of its core civilization values inherited from ancient sagas & adherence to the same.

akhlaq killed Intolerance, A New Concept
Dadri lynching over rumors of beef eating, disruption of Ghulam Ali concert in Mumbai, blackening of faces of Kulkarni and such-likes are some of the events which should be taken into consideration seriously. These are some of the events that appeared and apparently appear to be a  tip of the iceberg, but herald of communal catastrophe that is yet to bite our country. If we fail to nip it in the bud, it might engulf the cultural values.  PRESIDENT PRANAB MUKHERJEE had rightly said that tolerance is not a political choice. We celebrate diversity; we are ready to accept other views.

sudheendra kulkarni Intolerance, A New Concept
Indian citizen has always accepted decent & differences. But there are certain people along the both sides of the line who are trying to disturb the age old core values by igniting religious sentiment. It should be remembered that there are several countries that envy the India’s development. These forces not only morally support these bad elements but also provide all logistic supports. Recent surge of anti-national & anti cultural events are the manifestation of it.
This is unfortunate that leader like Owaisi brothers & Shiv Sena openly wreak the basic fabric of our society. Government of India should read the writings on the wall in time, otherwise, it will be too late. Is it not anti-national when a person occupying constitutional chair speaks the language of Owaisi or Shiv Sena? Is it not needed that all such people should be dealt as per law of the land?

Asaduddin Owaisi Quote Intolerance, A New Concept
Our top ruling leaders simply disagree with their fire brand party leaders. Is it sufficient? Political leaders have not been immunized under the constitution to speak as they like. Bapu preached us Satya & Ahinsa. Ahinsa is a wide word. We should escape from that word which hurt the feelings of others. All government since Independence nurtured the hatred, ignorance to the majority, oppressed caste and all other evils.  Now the society is feeling the brunt of it. This is the need of the hours to stop vote politics, sit together & stop further eroding of values. Otherwise, some Lok Nayak will born. Hardik Patel is one of the examples that 22 years old young can challenge the system.

religious intolerance Intolerance, A New Concept

By Dr Dinesh Mishra


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