Due to unclear in-water borders,fishermen from both the rival India and Pakistan go astray and overstep the in-water border to end up in jails.

Amidst the animosity between the two countries, the fishermen are being unnecessarily oppressed. In fact the extremity is extreme enough to culminate in their deaths.

fishermen In Water Border Confusion Torments Innocent Fishermen

Those keeping tabs on current affairs must be cognizant of the frequent arrests made by Pakistani and Indian authorities. What for? A crime as paltry as overstepping the unclear in-water border.

Under captivity is anyways a sheer torment. To top, if the country where you are enslaved is Pakistan, I’m sure you can gauge the degree of torment one goes through. Likewise, same perception would be of anyone belonging to our neighbour, Pakistan. I would agree as well, for, India and Pakistan both seem to be engaged in playing tit-for-tat game. There in Pakistan, if ‘Sarabjit’ was harrowed to horrendous death, here India too, under the fire of vengeance, maltreated Sanaullah Ranjay until the death kissed him.

Traumatic accounts of the border transgressors would keep running like an endless film if India and Pakistan cooperatively do not fix upon a concrete solution. Down-trodden fishermen already fight tooth and nail to earn their daily bread and to that, if they are left to languish in jail for prolonged period, the family’s plight just aggravates.

PAKISTAN INDIA fishermen In Water Border Confusion Torments Innocent Fishermen

Why I chose to bring into light the troubled lives of fishermen is the media’s lackadaisical attitude towards this severe issue. Media would go bonkers with the articles on beef ban, dalit’s death, jnu ruckus and so on but would never eject its courageous ink in the demand of justice for these victimized fishermen.

India and Pakistan should soon come up with an ultimate panacea to resolve this utterly due border-hitch.

By Prerna Daga

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