Sony TV Maharana Pratap can actually raise your IQ level & common sense as it makes you think with all its irrational scenes & plots. Check them here

A modern day fictional writer has the creative liberty where he/she can add anything and everything as per their choice. However, a historical fiction has certain restrictions because here the writer has to plot things in accordance with the past. Although he/she can have fun with the research part, the amount of homework done should be adequate.

However, it seems that the writer of Maharana Pratap is so engrossed with gaining TRP’s that he sometimes actually forget that he is talking about 16th century.

maharana pratap Raise your IQ level & Common Sense with Sony TV Maharana Pratap

Here are some instances from the episodes of Maharana Pratap which will irk you. Ah, but this serial no  doubt raises one’s IQ and common sense by the irrationalities it throws on the audiences, compelling them to research on the past.

Jalal’s Lust for Phool Kanwar, the Rajput Princess

Jalal (Later Akbar) in the serial of  Maharana Pratap has been shown lusting a Rajput Princess. Worst, he is even ready to go for war and kill Pratap so that he can have the girl. Perhaps, the writer and the makers of the show wants to highlight the lust of Mughals by this instance,  but unfortunately the makers are fooling themselves. The reason? Well, they are mistaking Mughals for Delhi Sultanate. It was Delhi Sultanate which was famous for their lusting nature and going for a battle for a particular woman, not Mughals (particularly Akbar).

Jalal’s character here, don’t you think has been inspired by Allauddin Khilji who in his lust for Rani Padmini of Chittor, plotted against her husband? What an injustice to Akbar, the Great!

Maharana Pratap Holding Ajabde’s Hand

Even in the early 20th century, I don’t think a married Rajput man would hold his wife’s hand in public, forget about holding a girl’s hand and that too who is not at all familiar. However, here in the serial Maharana Pratap holds hand of Ajabde in a particular instance so calmly as if it is not 16th century but 21st century.

ajabde maharana pratap Raise your IQ level & Common Sense with Sony TV Maharana Pratap

Ajabde and Phool Kanwar Roaming Without Purdah

Back in the 16th century there was a purdah system both in the Mughals and the Rajput khaandan. No stranger could ever see the face of the Rajput Princess. Whoever did that even by mistake was punished brutally. But, here we see both the Rajput princess roaming from place to place and even meeting strangers. The whole custom of Purdah system was nowhere to be seen, the makers  I think totally forgot about it. No wonder,they were desparate to show Jalal’s lust for Phool Kanwar.

phool kunwar maharana pratap Raise your IQ level & Common Sense with Sony TV Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Giving Advice to Ajabde’s Father despite his father, Uday Singh being still alive.

Back in those days, a son could  never advice other Raja/General or instruct the soldiers without the consent of his father. It was a protocol that everybody followed, otherwise, the son was looked as a rebel and only a rebellion would do that. Going by this known fact, Ajabde’s father asking Pratap for his advice and Pratap ordering his soldier for some small battle appeared irrational to me even if you call the serial as fictional drama. Why would Ajabde’s father ask 15 year old Pratap’s help when his father Uday Singh  is alive and still the raja.

There are many such instances in the Sony TV Maharana Pratap which though cannot offer you much of historical facts, can surely raise your IQ level. No wonder, you will be proud of yourself for having a better common sense than the writer and makers of the serial.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Set India, Maharana Pratap FB page

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