Read a request of techno – Gandhian activist to Iron Lady to Manipur – Irom Sharmila

Dear Ms Irom Sharmila Chanu,

I would like to introduce myself at the outset. My name is Balamurali Balaji, a techno-Gandhian activist from Tamil Nadu who is striving to spread the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi in the technological world.

irom sharmila manipur An Open Letter To Irom Sharmila

I came to understand that the “normal” condition in your life has been distorted by many political approaches and media reports which still claim that you are on an undue fasting for the purpose of AFSPA. The whole nation and the world have witnessed how much you struggled for the justice of the right, and to repeal the unfair AFSPA act. As a young activist, you have crossed all the limits of what a human can strive to restore justice and to serve the people of Manipur. You have demonstrated the highest levels of Mahatma Gandhi’s methods of nonviolence, non-cooperation and passive resistance.

 I also understand that your “normal” situation is not so that much as normal as others nowadays. With the federal government confirming its stance by saying “We won’t touch AFSPA“, I sincerely request you to take alternative methods to work with both the Center and the state government. It is not good and healthy from your part to continue the forcible feeding, any more nonviolent protests that complicates the security situation.

I am whole heartedly requesting you to leave your current strategy and go all out for the working of a legislation or amendment in the existing law that pitches atrocities and human rights violation on the women folks in your state. Please come out of this forcible feeding and breathe a fresh air full of freedom, happiness and joyous people.

Your silence, sometimes, may add speculations in your environment. Your starving might also add some anxiety in your environment. But, I would like you to believe that it would be a life time, a lifelong endeavor. The spirit shall not remain calm, but flaming in its highs all the time.

The world wants to see your greatness in all its colors, with difference.

My Best regards with love and peace.


Balamurali Balaji

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