Bangalore, what an irony!

Dear Sir Modi,

The Headlines of the Bangalore based Deccan Herald on 9th August 2015 was a laughable matter!  It was “B’LURU CLEANEST CAPITAL IN INDIA and Mysuru cleanest city!”

And you know who has done the statistical work? “Swachch Bharath” What does the word indicate? It may be Hindi, but most of us in Bangalore were splitting with laughter. Was it a ‘Lampost?”  “Hat stand?” “An Oxymoron? “A Cliche?” or a “Euphemism?”

Actually what you meant when you coined those words was “CLEAN INDIA” isn’t it?

bangalore clean capital What An Irony Bangalore!

My God! To call Bangalore as Clean capital is nothing but a big joke and to call Mysore as a clean city is another little joke.

Bangalore abounds with garbage almost everywhere. Not just in the corners of the roads but as mounds and mounds all over. Frankly, I retired as the Joint Director of a prestigious educational Institution in Bangalore and the site beside it is so much filled with garbage that it is overflowing into the school compound. It is not that we have not complained. The Commissioner of BBMP (Whoever it was at that time) had come to look at it when we complained.  What did he do? Nothing! Many of our students fell sick with Dengue and Chickengunya even after our installing the so called mosquito fighter “ALL OUT “in every class room and burnt ‘SAMBHRANI”

Benzoin resin or Wild turmeric

sambhrani What An Irony Bangalore!

One of the areas I live in is supposed to be a posh area abounding with politicians and film personalities and it is a night mare to walk down the roads. Mounds of garbage, mosquitoes, flies rats and bandicoots abound even in the walking path which they have made around a tank. Even the tank is not clean. There is a swimming pool nearby which has tall walls to which every Rama, Krishna and Hanumantha, urinate without shame! The walls are so much soaked with urine that one day, it will collapse. Everyone has to hold their breath with a handkerchief when they pass this place. I did make a complaint to the Commissioner and he gave me the phone number and name of the person in charge of the ward. When I called him, he said, “Madam, we cannot keep 24 hours vigilance at that place. We tried putting God’s pictures in a few places and people do not seem to respect even God! OH MY GOD! Who will save us?

Sir, your mission of Swachch Bharath has failed in Bangalore and they have the audacity to print in the papers that it is the cleanest capital in India. I am ashamed.

By Srijaya Char


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