On one hand Bihar is immersed in the sea of poverty while on the other hand, its MLas are busy racking up fortunes for them. What an irony Bihar!

Every time India’s poverty list is made, Bihar inevitably falls atop on the list. And its usual factors are the ones that have been keeping Bihar intact with its poverty. Illiteracy, high-population-density, casteism and politics still continue to engulf the state badly.

bihar poverty Irony Is That Bihar’s MLA Gets Richer But Not The State Itself

Much to my wonder, the state’s economy may be poor but its MLAs are growing richer. Their wealth never depreciated unlike the state’s economy. JDU’s Punam Devi Yadav stands at no. 1 of the 160 MLAs in Bihar.  Rather I would tag her as the most corrupted MLA of all, to have racked up tremendous wealth. From 1.87 crore in 2010, Yadav’s asset mounted up to 41.34 crore, accounting to an incline of 2103%.

On being caught, Punam had to trump up her gibberish story in her defence. She tactically tried to cover up the entire matter, saying that, she bought five bighas of land whose price-fluctuation for the last five years has culminated in the rise of her humongous assets.

Not just Punam Yadav, accompanying her were also Congress’ Purnima Yadav (480% increase), BJP’s Vijay Kumar Sinha (4.13 crore to 15.64 crore), RJD’s Lalit Kumar Yadav(2.83 crore to 12.89 crore) and SP’s Avaneesh Kumar Singh (1.25 crore to 8.18 crore).

Below poverty line population of Bihar doesn’t budge to decrease much, however MLA’s wealth escalates significantly. Doesn’t it depict the paradoxical picture of Bihar?

By Prerna Daga

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