Please ban the irritating guy constantly on the cell phone and seven more irritating types of people at the movie theater! Read more to see if your most hated irritant made it to this list.

We love going for movies. Doesn’t  matter if the movie is good, bad or deshdrohi, it is  always be enjoyable. However there are those who are hell bent on ruining your theater experience. They are like mosquitoes buzzing inside your ears – here is my list of the biggest irritants I encounter at my local PVR.

1. The “running commentary” guy 

Now these people can be very very irritating. They have this disability, which forbids them from not talking during a movie. Sad really.THEY JUST WONT SHUT UP. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. They have an opinion about everything in  the movie. Watch out Satyajit Ray in the making.

Indian guy hell no GIF 8 Types of Irritating Moviegoers

2.The family with a baby

WE ALL HATE THEM. DONT PRETEND TO LIKE THE CUTE LITTLE CUDDLY BABY.THAT BABY IS NO ANGEL. How can they cry for 2 hours straight? And why did the parents bring it in the first place, theres already enough crying going on in Bollywood movies. 

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3. The person who’s already watched it

We all know this person.We all have endured this once in our life.One of our friends watches the movie once but is ready to watch it again.You think thats nice. No. He will look at you every 2 mins to see your expression, whether you liked it or not, and threatens to reveal something which happens in the movie. How about I reveal your head to a spike you sadist?

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4.The lovey doveys

There are always a lovey dovey couple who’ve come to watch the movie.And you can constantly hear them whisper sweet nothings into each others ears or giggle,along with an I love you every 2 mins .Hey,I’d love you too,if you’d shut up and watch the movie.

giphy 1 8 Types of Irritating Moviegoers

5. Irritating mobile guy

Irritating mobile guy is our favorite person to hate. We all know that guy. This person always has his phone out and is constantly checking his messages or is on call. If its that important, don’t come to watch a movie, you busy dumbass. This guy really wants to make me cry!!

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6.The loud eaters

Now I know food in The theater is costlier than the ticket itself, but crunching your popcorn that loud -It’s popcorn, not stones, how are you even doing that. And also, sipping on the Pepsi even after its over.Hey,its not the last Pepsi on earth,get up, go out, buy  another one. And thanks for spilling hot coffee on my white jeans. 

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7. The late comers

The late comers are the worst kind.The movie has started,and its been 10 mins,and you’re into it,when suddenly,you hear a thousand “Excuse me”s. You wonder whats happening,when suddenly, theres a human right ahead of you wanting you to excuse you even though you cant watch the movie. And all of them just keep  saying “Shit, start ho gaya”. Well,no shit,Sherlock.

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8. People with small children

Now, don’t be fooled, people with babies aren’t the same as people with small children. People with babies only have to deal with the supernatural crying of the baby,but small children who can talk really steal the show.They ask questions every 2 mins,which have no relation to the story,and the poor parent just nods. It goes something like. “Mummy,Why is the hero Walking?” “Hmm”  “Mummy,why does the Heronie have two legs?”  “Hmm”. Well, you get the gist…

salman6 8 Types of Irritating Moviegoers

By: Govind Menon

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