There was a time not long ago when wishing people HAPPY NEW YEAR (=HNY) meant we remembered THEM.

There was a time not long ago when wishing people HAPPY NEW YEAR (=HNY) meant we remembered THEM.

THEY were the important people in our lives.

We would BUY (or make) CARDs (=spend money & effort), BUY (or make) envelopes (=spend money & effort), Write a message on the card and sign it(=effort), write the address on the envelope with a pen or ball-pen (=effort), go to the post office (=effort), buy stamps (=money), stick them on the envelope (=effort) and put it in the RED post office box.

This took a lot of EFFORT which we ENJOYED doing!

Today what do we do? What have we become?

We have become: Mai Hu Naa!

It is about ME sending! The receiver is irrelevant!

What happens is: We just write HNY or some NY bullshit (copied from the net) and do one or more of THREE things:

<1>Send it by email to every0ne in our address book.

<2>Post it on our FACEBooK WALL.

<3>Send it as SMS to everyone in our mobile phone.

Why do we do this MEANiNGLESS ACTiViTY? Do we remember everyone in our email address book? Do we remember everyone in our mobile phone? Do we remember everyone in out FACEBooK?

The answer is NO!

We are just going thru the motions. We are PROGRAMMED!

I think sending mass emails or mass SMS’s for NY or Christmas or Diwali is ANNOUNCiNG OUR PRESENCE to the world rather than REMEMBERiNG OTHERs.

It defeats the very concept of GREETiNGs.

It has bec0me more like: Baap-re-baap, sala phir new year aa gaya?Sabk0 HNY toh bhejna padega. So it is you GRiTTing your teeth and sending mass email/FB/SMS which CANNOT be called a greeting! It is GRiTTiNG, not Greeting!

Which is meaningless bkoz it defeats the very purpose!

 By Dilip Bam

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