Is the new Haryana CM a misogynist? Does he really believe than women are responsible for sexual crimes that men commit? What is the future of the state under him?

Manohar Lal Khattar is the New CM of Khap Land Haryanamanohar lal khattar IS THE NEW HARYANA CM A MISOGYNIST?

  1. We know that Manohar Lal Khattar will be sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Haryana and will head the newly elected BJP led government. The former RSS pracharak will take oath of office as Haryana’s Chief Minister on 26 October 2014 at Tau Devi Lal stadium in Panchkula. This comes as no surprise since Khattar was one of the front runners for the job known for his politician acumen and strategy management. (Source – Indian Express)
  2. The new Haryana CM is a bachelor and after joining the RSS in 1980, has been an active pracharak for over 3 decades. He was given charge of assembly election campaigns in Kutch and Jammu & Kashmir in 2002 and later was put in charge of even more state campaigns.
  3. There are other parallels that the man is seen to have with PM Narendra Modi – not only is he a bachelor and one of the committed workers of the party, he has risen from the ranks and has also traversed the road that begin in humble beginnings. If one started as a tea vendor, Haryana’s new CM and the first BJP Chief Minister in Haryana had started out as a cloth merchant.
  4. One of the things about Haryana’s new CM is the fact that he is not a Jat, and that he is among the very few Jats who has been the chief minister of the state since its inception. Social media seemed to have a lot to say about this, seemingly inconsequential fact.manohar lal khattar2 IS THE NEW HARYANA CM A MISOGYNIST?
  5. Much is made of the fact of a non-Jaat being appointed as the CM of the largely Jat state – the fact that he is the first non-Jat CM in 18 years is being seen as a daring step by the BJP.manohar lal khattar3 IS THE NEW HARYANA CM A MISOGYNIST?
  6. While he may well be a master strategist politically speaking, the man seems quite out of touch with social realities and appears to have dismayingly regressive mindset about what women should and should not do. In his own words, “freedom must have limits” and “girls must be dressed decently and not ‘lure’ boys.” (Source – IBN Live) In other words this once again puts upon women, the onus or preventing sexual crimes.
  7. When asked about the notorious Khap Panchayats in Haryana, Khattar opined that these rulings were justified to an extent as they “tried to abide by the Indian culture”.
  8. The nation will be watching you Mr. Khattar – we will be watching to see how you deal with the rabidly patriarchal and misogynist Khaps in your state. We will see how you deliver the development your party promised in Haryana – whether this development plans to take women along or whether they will be asked to remain at home fully clothed lest poor unsuspecting men are lured from their higher mission in life.

Image 1 source India 272 on Twitter , and images 2 and 3 – Unreal Times

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