Ishita Bhalla simply rocks in her modern getup as Shanaya Raichand!

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is back in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and this time not as Ishita Bhalla but as Shanaya Raichand, a NRI and a daughter of a renowned businessman of South Africa!

While, everybody is shocked to see her in her modern getup and avatar, the viewers are indeed excited to watch Ishita Bhalla as Shanaya Raichand. Here are the reasons why –

ishita Reasons Why Fans Are Loving Ishita Bhalla as Shanaya!

Shanaya Raichand Is Carefree!

Shanaya being a modern girl in a modern avatar doesn’t give damn to anyone and anybody. She is carefree and carries her heart on her sleeves. This is the reason why she is so open and straightforward. She doesn’t think twice before she speaks and this is what makes her interesting.

ishita shanaya Reasons Why Fans Are Loving Ishita Bhalla as Shanaya!

Besides, she doesn’t have to carry the bondage of ‘log kya kahenge’, she does what she wants and hardly thinks of what people will think unlike Ishita who had to balance everything before taking any step.

She Knows How To Deal With People Like Ashok

While, a person like Ishita Bhalla wouldn’t slap Ashok Khanna without any solid reason, Shanaya Raichand can slap Ashok Khanna without any reason. As she is not at all patient and knows perfectly how to deal with nuts like Ashok. The way she talks with him simply makes us happy.

shanaya23 08 1457380480 Reasons Why Fans Are Loving Ishita Bhalla as Shanaya!

Besides, we hope that her presence will surely irk her haters and she would teach some solid lessons to the current antagonists of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Nidhi and Sarika!

She Is Bold and Confident

Nobody can mess with Shanaya. Yes, she is the one with lot of attitude who can put anybody to shame. What’s interesting is the fact that she is a lot more bold than her real self and at the same time confident too. She proved on the very first day what a theeki chhuri she is when she ranted in front of Ashok and showed him his real place.

ishita bhalla shanaya yhm Reasons Why Fans Are Loving Ishita Bhalla as Shanaya!

Her Nakhra and Expressions

We love Ishita Bhalla’s expressions and here we get to see her nakhra too in the form of Shanaya. The way she reacts, boasts her haughty self and throws her attitude is sinply adorable.

ashok shanaya yhm Reasons Why Fans Are Loving Ishita Bhalla as Shanaya!

Her face-to-face interaction with Raman Bhalla would be indeed interesting as both seem to be really short-tempered and this would make the serial all the more interesting.

We Love The Change!

We love Ishita Bhalla in her traditional getup. But this is a welcome change. No wonder, she too gets to experiment as Shanaya and try out a completely different look. Her short hair and jumpsuit is something which even her fans will try out. No wonder, fans wanted to see her in a modern look from long.

We as fans are indeed excited to see Ishita Bhalla as Shanaya. No wonder, Divyanka Tripathi looks amazing in her new getup. A hot phataka she is a sweet vamp who has come to make things alright for her family. We are sure the entire sequence will be worth a watch and the TRPs would soar as well.

We love her in this look – How about you?

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