Episode 7 of Ishq Kills deals with the common problem of contemporary young lonely housewives who easily fall prey to cheats disguised as lovers

A woman in need of love and attention is more vulnerable than a haughty child who craves for toys, attention and things, especially if the woman is married. One may say only a characterless woman with past records might go beyond her limits if she is not getting enough attention from her husband.

However, there is no categorization when it comes to 3 things – LSD (Love, Sex aur Dhoka – Betrayal) What if all of a sudden an innocent woman finds solace in another man’s arm when her husband cannot give her enough time, attention and the love she desires?

There was a time when men were busy roaming around places for their work and betrayed their wives during their tour, sometimes in the name of boredom, sometimes in the name of stress and tension and sometimes even in the name of love. However, back then, the women at home strictly waited for their husband and remained loyal even if things revealed in front of her in negative light. But, things now have changed.

Contemporary Indian women has changed a bit from her traditional form. She is more advanced and hence more vulnerable to fall into love traps outside her marriage which of course has dire consequences.

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One such contemporary woman was Devika who married Avi and began her happy married life by quiting her career as a dancer to give adequate time to her husband and family. Avi wasn’t earning well that time and so when Avi got a job outside the city, they both mutually agreed upon on the job so that they could not only buy home, live a good ifestyle but also start a family and give their child a better life.

Soon Devika gave birth to Debu and the little boy started growing up. When he became 4 years old, she got irritated with the work at home. Weekdays went in stress, frustration and anger while weekends went in fighting with Avi over his job. She thought Avi didn’t give her much time and attention whereas Avi was only working hard for her and Debu.

Next, Devika meets a bachelor Prashant in her building and falls for him, rather his trap. Although she tries controlling herself and even says this isn’t right, things automatically find its own path when Avi promises to go out with her, but evenually has to rush out for work. Prashant as expected becomes the balm of Devika’s pain as well as loneliness and she ultimately falls in love with him, starting an extra marital affair.

But how genuine is this Prashant? No wonder he only came in her life to use her so that he can extract money from her and lead a better life without working hard. Oh yes, the guy comes only for some quick money and betrays Devika. She, on the other hand totally unaware of his cruel motives even decides to divorce Avi and start a fresh life with him.

In a jiff he leaves her, takes all her money, robs her from her modesty, rips her off from her own self-respect and there she is left with a guilt of betraying her husband and son. Husband, on hearing her story is in no mood to stay with her and the end is more drastic that we can imagine because Devika decides to end her life by doing suicide.

A real story and an everyday story in the cities of India, this episode of Ishq Kills really had an important lesson to tell all the young married women out there.

1. Your husband is not a two timer if he is out of town working. He is working hard only to give you a better life. He is as stressed as you are, so instead of increasing his tension try to sort it out by talking and not throwing tantrums.

2. All relationships have up and lows. Try to maintain your relationship by sorting out things rather than running out of situations and finding solace in other man’s arms. If you have the feel of guilt, why increase it?

3. Think of long term – Extra maritial ishq kills you gradually.

In case of Devika, the lover was fake, what if the guy did love Devika? Do you think the consequences would have been different? Ofcourse not, even in that case, Devika would have regretted in the end. Betraying one’s husband for some moments of love ad lust can never make a woman happy. The guilt will anyways destroy her completely if not in a day, week or month then in a year. We can hide from others but can we ever hide from her own conscious?

By: Deepti Verma

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