The Episode 8 of Ishq Kills takes us down to the same lane of love, betrayal and deceit, eventually making the innocent lover guilty of murder.

“I like all of my shorts to be a little too shortly
Unlike all of my guys I like them tall with money
I love all of my nights to end a little bit nasty
Can’t change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me..”

Remember these lines from Tata Young’s song? Sounds good, yea? But, what if you get a real girl with this attitude and worst, you fall for her so much that you are truly, madly, deeply in love with her while she is only using you all the time and taking advantage of your emotions and feelings.

I’m sure many of the guys on an everyday basis encounter such girls. Talking about bitchy girls, let’s consider the story of Romi in the April 6 Episode of Ishq Kills where the girl smartly traps an innocent Suchit into her maya jaal for her gains.

rumi suchit ishq kills Ishq Kills Episode 8   When Love Becomes An Obsession

Romi is a young, modern girl a bit advanced who professes her love to Suchit who is already in love with her but has never confessed in front of her. But, no sooner Romi expresses her feelings the two are a pair. However, Suchit over a period of time doesn’t like Romi’s behavior mainly because of her loose attitude towards men. Besides, he thinks she lies him time and again.

Next, Romi accuses Suchit of following her and the innocent guy thinks he is at fault as he did follow her after the initial suspicion. Now, she threatens to leave him and go but the poor lad who is madly in love with the girl only tries to convince her.

Few day later Suchit finds Romi with an elderly guy and on the spot bashes her when she comes out of the place all alone. But, very next day, she tells Suchit that the elderly guy was none other than her uncle (mausaji) she even shows her a album. Suchit again is very disheartened and feels guilty for suspecting his girlfriend for no reason. He promises her that he will change for good and the two make up with this promise.

Things now are slow yet fine between the two but Suchit still is guilty for behaving like a suspecting man. He gives Romi a surprise by making dinner for her. Here, Romi discloses a harsh truth about her life. She reveals about her forced illicit relationship with her mausaji. Suchit promises to take her out of this mess. Next day, he tells her to shift with him permanently. However, no sooner than she enters her house than her uncle discloses his new will which has her name.

rumi suchit ishq kills 2 Ishq Kills Episode 8   When Love Becomes An Obsession

“Suchit, can you rush to my house as soon as you can. My aunt is not there and my uncle is misbehaving.” Romi screams in pain over the telephone.

Suchit who is a national level shooter practicing, rushes to her house and kills both the uncle and aunt at spot. He shouts Romi, Romi but nowhere he finds her and all of sudden he finds himself locked in a room where he murdered both Romi’s aunt and uncle.

The person who locks him is none other than Romi herself. It seems that she was waiting for this day for long long time. The day when she has the property of her uncle and aunt but no uncle and aunt.

Suchit is shocked  after hearing Romi’s truth from her own mouth through the closed doors. And then, when the police arrives at the scene and the door is unlocked – Suchit shoots once more, no not pointing towards himself but at Romi, eventually killing her with his own pistol.

No, wonder Ishq Kills when it becomes an obsession and ends in a dead end

By: Deepti Verma

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