Vikram Bhatt made his television debut with Ishq Kills, a thriller series based on crimes of passion.  A review of the first episode.

They say that most crimes are committed either for love or for money.  Vikram Bhatt chose enactment of true crimes with a strong involvement of a love angle as his television debut series. Ishq Kills, Bhatt believed is, “a step forward on TV in terms of storytelling.”  There are a lot of serials (CID and Crime Petrol Dastak come to mind immediately) that dramatise true crime stories. Vikram Bhatt’s Ishq Kills takes the same path, but focuses on crimes perpetuated by illicit or forbidden love and/or faked love.

The premiere of the show was slated on February 16th. All the promos suggested a story of an affair between a man of the house and the house-help with the house-help asking the man to kill memsaab. But this wasn’t the tale shown.

The first episode went into an office environment. Shaina Sabharwal is the Vice President (VP) of a successful cosmetics firm. She is hardworking, conscientious and a tough taskmaster and boss. One evening she finds her car out of fuel and hails a cab. Strange men get into the cab and she is about to be raped when a young subordinate, Rajveer, appears and saves her. The next day Rajveer insists on dropping her home as it is late – and the two get close and intimate – though Rajveer is married.  Despite knowing this, Shaina falls deeply and madly in love with him and he reciprocates the feelings.

ishq kills1 300x168 Ishq Kills: Vikram Bhatt’s Television Debut

Abruptly Rajveer stops coming to office. Shaina starts to drink her worries away. She had no idea what is happening with him and where he is. In this scenario, Rajveer’s wife, Ranjeeta comes to Shaina’s home in tears. She says that she knows about the affair and she also knows that Rajveer loves only Shaina. She has come to bring the couple together because Rajveer has cut his wrists – and she doesn’t want to see any harm come to him. Shaina and Rajveer unite. They get closer than ever. When Shaina is travelling, Rajveer is taking care of and handling the office. They are blissful.

One fine day Shaina finds her landlines dead. She demands to know why and is told that this cannot be attended to because there is a Board Meeting in progress. Shaina rushes to the meeting venue but she’s brushed aside and quarantined. She returns to her cabin and sets to do her work when she has an unexpected visitor: the Economic Offences Wing (EoW). She is accused of fraud, forgery, company funds ki hera pheri to the tune of 15 crores. Her protests of innocence fall on deaf ears because all fraud was committed from her computer using her official email ID.

Her lawyer asks her whether she ever shared her username and password with any one; ever. She firmly states that she hasn’t because it is confidential data – and then remembers that while on a trip to Australia she had shared this information with Rajveer. He had set her up. And he takes her place in the organisation as VP.


His wife appears and the two celebrate the victory of her plan. He gives her complete credit for the plan and showing him how to succeed. Ranjeeta had hatched the plan 7 months back. Guiding him step-by-step from corrupting Shaina’s computer, to accidental physical contact, to emptying her fuel and setting up a fake attack – it was all the wife’s idea.

Ranjeeta’s motive was that 6 years back, on her first day at work she committed a blunder and was insulted and thrown out – by Shaina. She planned revenge right then and waited patiently to extract it.

Back to the present; Shaina’s lawyer tells her that her innocence can be proved because though her mail ID was used, the IP of the mails were from Delhi while she was in Australia. Shaina refuses to pursue the case, prove her innocence or get Rajveer prosecuted – because she loves him.

As episode summation, Vikram Bhatt appears in all white-headed glory to synopsize the story and give a bit of gyan.If crimes of deceit and passion are your thing Ishq Kills may be your cup of tea. 

By Sujata Garimella

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