Who wrote Ishrat Jahan Encounter script as Fake ?Who from the Congress leadership wanted Narendra Modi hanged before 2014 national elections ?? #ModiHaters

Like Arnab Goswami says… Nation wants to know. Yes, today nation is entitled to know who wrote the Fake Encounter script of Ishrat Jahan???

ishrat jahan Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter.... Who Wrote The Script.?

In Indian politics, many political scripts are written in last 6 decades after our independence and the skeletons are tumbling out after 70 years from the Congress cupboards.

Subhash Chandra Bose Plane crash mystery….. Who wrote the script ?
Lal Bahadur Shastri’s sudden departure from this world…… Who wrote the script of his story?
How Emergency Rule was imposed on this country…. Who wrote the script ?

emergency declared Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter.... Who Wrote The Script.?
Abdul Karim Telgi and Fake Stamp Paper Scam… who wrote the script?
How Harshad Meheta Rigged the Stock Market and triggered financial Scam… Who wrote the script?
Sanjay Gandhi’s plane crash….. Who wrote the script ?
Sonia Gandhi’s claim rejected to Prime Minister-ship of this country. Who wrote the script ?
Bringing Sonia Gandhi into mainstream politics of India who has no education… who wrote the script ?
Godhra Train burning… Who wrote the story?
godhra riots modi Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter.... Who Wrote The Script.?
And Ishrat Jahan, LeT terrorist, who was hired for the special mission to kill former Chief Minister… Who wrote the script from top leadership in Congress as a FAKE ENCOUNTER ??

Truth has its peculiar way to surface. Like Budha said, three things you can not hide. 1 : Sun rising. 2: Moon rising. 3: And the Truth. You can not hide these three things. It is also said, by some scholar, Truth has four dimensions… You, Me, Lies… and the Truth itself. I know it, I heard it, I was told, I think so, this I think is true, this is not, can be all opinions, perceptions… but what is the real truth ??

Surendra Kumar, former IBSP Director during UPA rule under Dr Manmohan Singh, spoke to media and placed factual reality on the case of Ishrat Jehan, alleged Fake encounter. He told the media and the nation, Ishrat Jahan encounter was not fake, she was killed in an encounter by our police when she was caught in the criminal act with the other terrorists from Pakistan who had plan to eliminate Chief Minister Narendra Modi of Gujarat. Now it is a subject of special investigation by our intelligence agencies whose job is to keep an eye on terror modules sponsored by our known enemy, Pakistan, and operating under cover from Indian soil to Bleed India. Why should any political leadership ever interfere with our intelligence, police, and play Devil’s advocate?

However, to reap the political dividends during 2014 national elections, It was widely propagated by Congress and all opposition parties that Ishrat Jahan was innocent victim of Gujarat politics and her encounter was fake. Of course, whether any encounter was fake or real is actually a matter of investigation by the intelligence agencies and the police. Why should any terrorist encounter be made a political issue when it is a law and order issue related to crimes and that related to terror activity ??
batla house fake encounter Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter.... Who Wrote The Script.?
Batla House encounter, Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsiram Prajapati encounter like encounters, if claimed as fake encounters for political reasons by the opposition political leaders, it is nothing but politically motivated accusations. But this political abuse and misuse of powers demoralizes our police force, intelligence agencies and such political interference on terror activities is counter productive too. It puts our police force under political pressure, and restricting their professional competence in countering terrorism, terrorism related all crimes and activities and fighting terrorism itself. Police and our intelligence Agencies if resort to please their political bosses, what good is that for the country and people who are getting killed in terror attacks??

The second explosive TV interview by the former UPA Home Secretary Gopal Pillai who too collaborates what the former IBSP Director Surendar Kumar said on Ishrat Jahan so called fake encounter. And in his explosive revelations he said, our intelligence agencies like IB, RAW did an excellent job of nabbing the LeT terrorists of which Ishrat Jahan was identified rightly as a team-mate on a mission to eliminate top leadership of Gujarat. That is former CM Narendra Modi. He said two affidavits which are on record can be checked, for the 1st affidavit clearly names Isharat Jahan as LeT operator being used as Human Bomb to eliminate top BJP leaders and the same is changed in the 2nd affidavit by the political leadership at the top level pointing finger at the then UPA government in power led by Sonia Gandhi and the puppet Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

Manmohan Singh w Sonia Gandhi Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter.... Who Wrote The Script.?

Dr Manmohan Singh can not escape his responsibility when two of his senior Bureaucrats on national channels making such open confessions pointing finger at UPA top leadership. He was a part of this political conspiracy and he needs to explain his own role, and of the others who wrote the Script of this political assassination plot by then UPA government in power.

The nation knows this well, Sonia Gandhi is Congress High command and nothing is done without her knowledge or approval. That is the way Congress functions where there is no inner party Democracy and only the rule of Gandhi dynasty is supreme. Nobody has the courage to go against Gandhi family nor anyone can stand-up and raise any questions against the family. Dr Manmohan Singh being former PM and was part of the core loyalist group of the Dynasty is equally answerable.

The Truth is  out now by none other than the then top government officials during UPA rule.

The run-of-the-mill argument is invalid when the News story got published in the media and shocked the nation with the prime time focus on debates about “Political Conspiracy to falsely frame former Chief Minister Narendra Modi in a Fake Encounter case.

The congress argues with the following allegations.

Why these Bureaucratizes are talking now? Why they kept their mouths shut for so many years ? Why they chose to keep quiet while working with the government? They are now playing in the hands of BJP and parroting what BJP wants. Who will believe them now? What credibility do they have now?

Well, both the Bureaucrats have spoken then about their dissents and it is on records. Secondly what is this irrelevant, irrational argument questioning why Now? Then why Godse is revoked every time now in TV debates by Congress when it is past history and when it is on records, RSS had nothing to do with Nathuram Godse ? Why talk of Golvalkar Now ? Truth can be spoken anytime. It does not have a shelf life. Even today Germans involved in war cruelties of Jew killings are tried today.
nathuram godse gandhi Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter.... Who Wrote The Script.?
Is anyone from Congress, who committed crimes and judicial and police excesses during Emergency Rule is tried in the courts till today ? All of them are roaming freely in public and social life? Has anyone for 1984 Sikh Riots from Congress been punished and sent to prison till today?

Ishrat Jahan’s alleged Fake Encounter as the story was sold to the people of this country in recent last national elections, has become a talking-point of the nation, because it is sounding serious breach of trust, violation of Constitutional oath, misuse and abuse of powers by then PM Dr Manmohan Singh and President of UPA Sonia Gandhi to prove Ishrat Jahan ” was an innocent girl, not a terrorist, and the Gujarat State’s top leadership by Narendra Modi orchestrated a Fake encounter.
narendra modi Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter.... Who Wrote The Script.?
It is being revealed now, the fake, fabricated criminal case was built around Ishrat Jehan encounter calling it fake to nail Narendra Modi and Congress, NCP, JDU, RJD, BSP MIM, like political parties played their communal politics for votes during 2014 national elections. 2002 Gujarat Riots and Ishrat Jahan fake encounter were used heavily to get political benefits to defame and destroy Narendra Modi personally. This game was played by all the opposition political leaders to fight Modi and defeat him by projecting him as Communal, Muslim hater, Fascist, divisive.

The serious issue that brings back in focus,the entire nation now wants to know is – Who wrote the Batla House encounter script as Fake? Who wrote Ishrat Jahan Encounter script as Fake ? And finally, who from the Congress top leadership wanted Narendra Modi hanged before 2014 national elections ?? So that, the only political rival of Rahul Gandhi, who can stop him from becoming the Prime Minister of this country is eliminated, and the only road block is removed to enjoy powers once again at the top??



By Ajay Angre

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