Conflicts in both the denominations (shia & sunni) of islam has been perpetual and is still on.

Sunni vs Shia An Israeli plan for the Middle East There Is No Word Shia or Sunni

There is no word shia or sunni in Quran or any Hadith.I do not know who coined these words.(I do not understand how Arabian Peninsula comfortably use the word “Gulf” which means “difference” to describe themselves) Moreover, this shia sunni business is more political than religious. Both Hazrat Ali and Hazrat AbuBakr are among 10 companions whom Allah recognises as “RaziAllah” in Quran which is common with both Shia/Sunni muslims.
I think you will recognise that when Iraqi PM Maliki booted out his sunni Vice-President, the tone for Shia/Sunni conflict was set.And sunni were being battered in Anbar province by shia militia and American Army alike.

shiasunni There Is No Word Shia or Sunni

Shia also took to bait of American that shia are 65%(which you know is not true) and thus all political power went to Shia.Sunni needed protection and thus ISIS filled that vaccum. I do not know what is happening in “Islamic State” but if they do wanton killing then the local sunnis will not tolerate and rise up.I can tell you Kurd have genuine grievances and Kurds were deliberately denied Kurdistan by British/French after WW II because of Salauddin Ayubi. But if Kurds cross their limits to align with Israel then Turkey will surely take care of them.
ISIS will dare not attack Karbala or Kaaba. They know what that will mean then.

shia sunni There Is No Word Shia or Sunni

By  Saiful Haque

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