Is Jalal playing a dumb game knowingly or is he really dumb about the truth of Benazir.

Well, Well, Well, Resuscitation seems to be in progress, the brain of Jalal which had long gone into hibernation is slowly and steadily weaned off its fossilization. Till y’day Jalal was content to lie down on the Diwan sipping Angoori juices and getting chastised by his queens, manipulated by his badi ammi, Till yesterday, Jalal was happy sunning himself in the sky while the actions swirled around him , while women indulged in dignified cat fights, Jalal smirked, While his badi ammi adroitly maneuvered him into seeing things her way, jalal smirked, policy decision, administrative decision was given to him in the guise of well meaning counsels , Jalal smirked while accepting it wholly without even passing to think it through, Just when one had begun to think that this show has turned into a 15th century Ekta‘s Jodha Akbar with the woman power deployed to tackle , ignite, douse the crises, save the main man , we had a pinging yesterday when Jalal was shown to shake off his lethargy and assume the mantle of the King. A king who has his wits about him. A king who is aware of his power, aura and status. We gladly welcomed the return of the ruthless and pragmatic king!

Paridhi Sharma Jodha Akbar Is Jalal aware of Benazirs truth

Television actress Paridhi Sharma during the press conference of television serial Jodha Akbar in Mumbai on October 1, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

The episode begun well with Mirza Hakim continuing to play the Anointed Love Guru , posing a set of serious, disturbing , thought provoking questions to Jalal, questions which questioned the actions and intentions of Jalal, questions which lead him straight to the doors of Jodha when ego intervenes restores his stubborn streak and he resolves to spend his night with Ruqaiyya not because he wants to spend to the night with Ruqaiyya but to prove to himself that Jodha means nothing to him, is not important to him and that his every actions are driven by impulses to impress Jodha. The shot was done quite well with Jalal ‘s legs walking unbidden to the apartments of Jodha, His legs heeding his heart than his mind, Jalal heart has understood that there is some deeper emotions at work with respect to his relationship with Jodha but Jodha is still oblivious of her own emotions, blissfully decorating the idol of Kanha turned away from Jalal but Kanha will not desert them for he looks on at this two innocent souls with a benign smile, already plotting the next course that will take this two reluctant lovers another step closer to realization of the feelings that exists within their hearts.

If the first few mins concentrated on Jalal the young man reluctant to accept love, the latter half focused on Jalal the shrewd and able King. Today after many moons of serendipity, Jalal stirs himself and involves himself in the day to day affairs of his kingdom, we get the first inkling that Jalal was not lotus eating but was formulating a strategy that netted him Abul Mali, the brother in law who wants him dead so that he cn usurp the kingdom . Abul Mali true to the tradition of villains has turned from a cunning villain to a foolish villain albeit keeping the menacing part intact. Which villain would obligingly impart the news that the king is still not safe from the dragnet that he had woven, death awaits Jalal just around the corner, Had Jalal continued to be the shrewd, clever and intelligent King, he obviously would have begun an investigation among his inner circle but then how else can we have a Jodha is Mahan session, So Ekta obligingly provides an interlude where Rahim plays a key role for enlightenment to dawn and for Jodha to turn Miss Marple ! Jodha discovers that Benazir is a vishkanya and what does the super woman do?? Goes and confronts Benazir with nary a proof! Which person in their right mind would go and confront the enemy and openly display their awareness of truth to the perpetrator thereby alerting them! Realizing that Benazir is not the kind that can be shaken into running away, Jodha does the next best thing, one she would have done earlier instead of trying to play detective detective, She heads to Jalal to impart her knowledge and culpability of Benazir only to be stonewalled by Jalal who is in a tearing hurry to know the truth from Abul Mali.

Now we come to the interesting part, Is Jalal aware of Benazir’s truth?? His actions send confusing signals for if on the one hand he does not allow Jodha to speak once she mentions Benazir on the other hand he informs the interrogator to use all methods including torture to pry information from Abul Mali. Is Jalal playing a dumb game knowingly or is he really dumb about the truth of Benazir.

By Tanthya

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