Jalal always surprises us with his credibility, Sometime with his thinking and sometime with his power. But, today he surprises us with his Marwari lingo. Listen Jalal talking in a typical Rajasthani language

Dusk has taken the place of dawn, sun has been replaced by the crescent moon and Jalal is out with his Rajvanshi Begum Jodha in a disguised Marwari avatar. Oh, such a pleasure sight – no more the conspiracy of Maham Anga and no more the tantrums of Ruqqaiya to bother them. All we see is, just the calm and composed Jalal and his wife Jodha moving along with each other in a group of soldiers disguised as tribal.

jodha akbar fb Jodha Akbar 11th February Update: Jalal Talks in Marwari Accent!

Jalal and Jodha on their yatra ventures out on a boat. The scene looks similar to that night when Benazir was in a boat with Jalal. Jalal reminds Jodha about the incident and praises Jodha for her brain as well as skill. Jodha cannot stop blushing when Jalal praises her. Aha, it was all expected, wasn’t it? However, the way Jodha blushes makes the entire scene romantic.

Later, when the river bank comes, Jalal urges his men not to address him as shenshah and Jodha Begum as Begum, but Seth and Sethani. Jodha then teases Jalal by speaking in Marwari. However, Jalal surprises her by speaking very good Marwari, something which only locals and natives might speak. His accent is typical. Hats off to Rajat Tokas for imitating the dialect so well.

In their journey the two are seen glancing at each other timely and thinking about their past encounters. Then, the couple moves in a small dhabba to rest and eat. This is sort of fun as the female dhabba owner seems to be praising Jodha for her bravery while his husband supports Jalal, their shehehshah for all the good things.  Jalal and Jodha seems to enjoy all this while it rings a bell in the audience’s mind that, “Love is indeed blooming between the couple”

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Zee TV Jodha 

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