It is a general feeling of people that both Central and State govts. do not care for the welfare of Tamil Nadu.Did this and not Jallikattu lead to protest?

The recent protests by the students and youths in Chennai made a dent in the political party system , that  should be respectfully accepted by all the politicians in India. From the beginning the protesters kept their agitation away from the influence of any political party, religion and caste. They all organised a movement with implicit discipline and without creatng disturbance to the normal life of common people. This can never be seen in any political protest, as the leaders soon after their arrests kindle the emotions of the followers to indulge many forms of violence. Another remarkable point to note is there was no leader to guide them and motivate lakh of protesters and without confusion. It only establishes that the protest was spontaneous and all the people assembled at one place knowing the hardship they would be facing.  As the days advanced, women. girl students even babies were found in the crowd. Why such a spirited demonstration came into existence ?

jallikattu protest Why Did Jallikattu Protest Come Into Existence?

Is it for restoring Jallikattu ? No. Jallikattu is being designated as a cultural sport. If it is so why it is conducted in only villages? Why only a group of persons take part in jallikattu when larger and literate sections of the society are keeping themselves away. I have not seen one educated individual coming into the arena to tame the bulls. Almost all the heros were farmers and some may be from the group of manual labour. If this is termed as culture, why only a section of population is celebrating and others do not?>

The farmers in olden times, have been engaged in cultivation of mainly paddy, which was grown in two seasons in a year. During this operation, these farmers had enough recess in between the two periods. It was a problem for the farmers to spend the time without engaging them in some work. This idle time made them to innovate various types of sports as there were no TVs Radios,and cinemas for recreation. Even to move from place to place they had to use bullock carts. Consequently, they rejoiced over the individual fights with sticks, cocks,fights,and taming the bulls. They might have conducted these for their individual pride. The winner, untamed, bull was generally given to the nearby temple and used to be treated with great care and divinity.

Jallikattu 5 Why Did Jallikattu Protest Come Into Existence?
We can see in all Shivas temples in Tamil Nadu, a model of Bull is placed a the entrance of sanctum and people call it as Nandhi Dev. But it has no relevance with jallikkattu.As the days advanced, some people made this sport a challenge and gambling, involving money and assets. There were stories that the marriage of daughters of the owner of bulls was settled in this competition. Therefore, we can well asume that the mass protest in Tamil Nadu was not for the reflection of feelings of one issue, but a compressed outbursts of several neglected issues by the govts.
It is a general feeling of people that both Central and State govts. do not care for the welfare of Tamil Nadu. They still say Vadakku Vazgirathu and Therkku Theikirathu. A proper and unbiased analysis can only give statistics .


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