The recent Jallikattu uprisings mark the Tamils reaching the outer limits of their patience over the gross injustice meted out to them in all the spheres.

Since last few days, Tamil Nadu is witnessing an unprecedented show of solidarity in a unique and novel way of protest against the ban on Jallikattu.Right from Kanya Kumari to Chennai ,the Tamils rose one and all.Young,very young(6 months baby!),old,bold,ladies,gents,IT techies,auto-drivers…well,even convicts in jails protested in one chorus’We want Jallikattu!’Is the loud voice heard all over the world ,only for Jallikattu?Or is it a release of pent-up anger against the gross injustice to Tamils in every thing?Let us see.

Jallikattu 5 Jallikattu Uprisings Reclaiming Tamil pride?

Tamils are aborigines of the Indian sub-continent from time immemorial. However,Tamil Nadu ,its people,its culture,its language,heritage etc.have always been under constant threat for almost last 3000 years or so,by foreign forces who have entered the land much later.This war ,however,was a ‘silent’ war carried out by them ,through clever tricks,disguised religious strategies,media mesmerism etc.on an innocent and gullible people,that the Tamils were.The post-independent India came into the hands of rulers who were hell bent in suppressing the Tamils and their hoary culture.

Tamils Always Denied Their Dues

‘In the 1970’s ,Mr.C.N .Annadurai ,popularly known as ’Arignar Anna'(Erudite Anna )the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, remarked in his unique oratorical style Tamil “Vadaku valarkirathu,therkku theikirathu”வடக்கு வளர்கிறது !தெற்கு தேய்கிறது ! Roughly translated into English,it means “North is growing tall and the South is declining low”.He was not expressing his personal view but echoing the sentiments of crores of Tamil people ,that they were not given due share in the national scene.He was also referring to the lower economic growth/income in Tamil Nadu vis-à-vis North India.

jallikattu protest Jallikattu Uprisings Reclaiming Tamil pride?

Forty five years later,in 2017,the same feeling of being ignored still remains in the hearts of the South Indians.They do feel that they do not get the attention they deserve in the national main stream,its economics and the spectacular growth story of India.’ (

Added to the above feeling is the strong feeling that Tamils never get justice in inter-state issues,be it the Cauvery or Tamils ill-treatment in other states.

Here are a few points:

  • Tamil language,the oldest surviving language in the world ,is recognised as official language in so many foreign countries like Sri Lanka,Singapore,Australia,Canada etc.but not in its home land India. Centre refuses to declare it as national language but promotes Hindi which is a very recent language.
  • Canada,Australian Governments celebrate Tamil Heritage Months.You can speak in Tamil in their Parliaments ,as well.
  • Indian Airlines do not speak Tamil but British Airways,Singapore Airlines etc.speak Tamil
  • P.M. Mr.Modi ignores feelings of 8 crore Tamils and speaks in Hindi in Chennai,though fluent in English.
  • Tamil culture is sold as Indian culture denying credit to Tamils. ‘Yoga’ is sold as north Indian product denying its Tamil roots.Even Discovery Channel in its Yoga History does not tell that Patanjali is a Tamil.
  • Tamil is probably ,the mother of Sanskrit but no where it is acknowledged.
  • PM went against SC order favouring Tamil Nadu in Cauvery but now refuses to antagonise SC in Jallikattu issue.
  • Hindi imposition in Tamil Nadu is blatant.
  • Neyveli Lignite changed to NLC Ltd much against TN people’s feelings.
  • Tamil not declared National Language yet.
  • Ayurveda,a derivative of Tamil Siddha System promoted over Siddha
  • ‘Saffron’ is a Tamil saint dress but never acknowledged.
  • In all Central Advertisements,Tamils are never given opportunity.Even Tamil dubbing is done by Hindi wallahs.
  • Tamil fisher men are harassed every day by Lanka but Centre ignores.When a Kerala fisher man was involved in a problem with an Italian vessel,the maximum possible action was done by the Centre.
  • Koodankulam.Neutrino Projects imposed against the wishes of TN people while all other States rejected these projects.


Many more points are there to elucidate on the plight of Tamils. So the recent Jallikattu uprisings mark the Tamils reaching the outer limits of their patience over the gross injustice meted out to them in all spheres of activity.Centre may like to take note of this for future decisions.The clear message popping up in this event is”Tamils may not remain at the receiving end always!’.


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