The problem with Jamaati members is that what they say is right & how they behave is right irrespective of what reality is. Is It Important To Be A Jamaati?

This is in reference to the author of column “Why you are not a Jamaati’ published on the rising Kashmir newspaper by Ishfaq Ah. MirThe author of this article has not responded well to the Article “Why I am not  a Jamaati” by Aarif Qadir . Aarif has has asked certain questions to the Jamaat Islami and he has been responded by the Ishfaq Ah. Is he member of JI or not we don’t know. Ishfaq has used harsh language to answer the Aaarif Qadir which was not needed as Aarif has asked just few questions which were meant to be answered. Being a Non Jamaati, I also have same questions that Aarif has raised. I hope the Ji’s will just give me answer and hope they will not use harsh mood to respond. jamaat e islami1 Me Too Not A JamaatiThe big problem with JI’s member is that what they say is right and how they behave is also right irrespective of what reality is.I want to ask JI that is only literature of Madudui(R.A) best or perfect and no other else. Why you people only talk of him at every place ? When anyone infront of you talks about any other Muslim scholar you either divert your attention or disagree with that person. I didn’t mean Madudui(R.A) is wrong but he is not the one, why only he?

Translation of Quran by Madudi(R.A) that we call Tafeemul Quran is being much stressed by you people , isn’t Tafseer Ibn Kaseer much more elaborated and better translated why did you people prefer that?

quran1 Me Too Not A Jamaati

There are a lot of black sheep in JI who are its permanent members .What about them ? Do you have guts to remove such persons from your party?

Has not Islam taught us to be tolerant, if so then how did you people use harsh language to answer any person? If your jamaat is perfect then you must be knowing that our Prophet was never harsh towards any other human. It was better to answer him in such a way so that he get attracted towards your Jamaat rather then to have much hatred towards you. Its your tongue that makes a common man to dislike you and nothing else. Hope next time you will represent your jamaat in a good way so that people have good thinking about you people.

By Wani Mudasir

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