My intention to write J&K CM Mufti Mohammed Sayeed this Open Letter is to draw kind attention to some very important issues about Kashmir & Kashmiris living there

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Dear Khauja Mufti Sayeed Sahib,

                                                     Adab – Arz –Hai!

At the outset, I wish to congratulate you for getting elected as the leader of the State Legislative Assembly after finalizing the PDP-BJP coalition alliance to form a Govt. in J&K My intention to write you this Open Letter is to draw your kind attention to some very important issues about Kashmir & Kashmiris living there. I did also write similar open letter to Kh. Omar Abdullah in 2010 having similar intention.

Before, I start my actual body of the open letter, I want to also draw your kind attention to what was in my mind first on Dec. 25, 20154 just after the declaration of complete J&K election results & second on March 2, after you credited Pakistan, terrorists & Separatists for smooth polling (Both texts of my mind are also attached for reference)

mufti mohammed sayed An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

Soon after the oath ceremony as Chief Minister of J&K you credited Pakistan, Terrorist groups, and Separatist groups like Hurriyat for accomplishing recent assembly election peacefully. This statement of yours has kept everyone wondering and astonished as to why you did it so! So much so, mostly it has been termed as anti-national! But to me your statement sounded very much logical and true to its core!

Whatever you said after your oath ceremony is correct to every word. Your saying obviously doubly confirms other way round that it has been only because Pakistan’s mischief, its trained terrorists creating terror, local innocents wrongly turned terrorists hindering normal development and so called separatists Hurriyat group having no idea of long term effect of its basic ideology on common Kashmiri etc. all these together have definitely hindered the peaceful elections in the past as is well known. It has been definitely great to see that in the recent election common poor Kashmiris came out peacefully without any fear of Gun for giving their franchise in selecting their wishful & trust worthy representatives.

All that reminds me of elections of 1960s when my parents casted votes for one Mohd. Abdullah Shair of Congress party from Rainawari, I being then a kid of 10-12 years did not vote! I fully agree with you that we need to be thankful to all those who remained silent realizing their past mistakes but, surely were habit of creating troubles more so during last over two and half decades, particularly during election periods! I pray to Almighty God that such an atmosphere be a sustainable affair in future which, is much needed for overall development of J&K State & peace for the people living there.

sabbah haji kashmir women india inspiring stories An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

Coming to the charter of demands which PDP laid down before alliance partner BJP of the elected Coalition Government, one must not take decision and final action in haste but, should give the Subject Matter a cool thought looking at all the pros & cons from all angles before drawing a conclusion for most suitable action. It is because of that probably BJP remained silent and did not argue with PDP much so as to come to some tangle conclusion for forming Government for the good of general masses of the State!

Looking at J&K phenomena as a whole I am witnessing three poles apart situations which, need elaboration from me and serious attention from your side. The situations are:

  1. Logical Situation:

Here under, with a totally unbiased mind and keeping mainly the interest of common Kashmiris at the top priority, I would take and analyze logically PDP’s demands and other important issues one by one:

  1. Making Pakistan, Hurriyat & Terrorist Group party to discussion on Kashmir problem

Kh. Mufti Sahib, you have very wisely included this point in the framed list of demands. All of those parties and so called Stake Holders need be very tactfully with pure logic made understood and realized as to how much a common Kashmiri has lost from economic, cultural and social development point of view since 1947 due to fluid situation & prejudice mind of selfish thinking, starting with Pakistani Kabali Infiltration raid just after independence and then, due to wars between India & Pakistan and finally as result of terrorism since 1980s. Your wise declaration after meeting Prime Minister to Press personnel’s that Kashmiris are safe in India, seems to me a bold, frank, correct and well analyzed statement with having some possible dislikes from some corners like Pakistan, Hurriyat, Separatists & Militant groups.

terrorism mumbai pakistan An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

It is obvious to understand that you have an uphill task to stick to this statement of yours convincing each and every Kashmiri first and then rest of stake holders would understand automatically. But then, your bold statement is very much commendable and I personally salute you for grabbing great courage to speak the truth boldly. Hope this very strength you would maintain & use to satisfy all the stakeholders judiciously viz Pakistan, Hurriyat & Terrorist Groups on either side of L.O.C. in due course of your unhindered governance! BJP, counter part of your Govt. must provide PDP full support in this uphill task you have in hand. Portfolios of Ministers should not be a matter of concern but the manner they handle and work in respective fields would definitely matter, as some feel they are not given proper Portfolios!

  1. AFSA:

Once the goal with respect to point no. 1 is achieved, reviewing Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSA) should not be any problem either for the State Govt. or even for Central Govt. You may logically agree that it would not be wise from overall security point of view to make agreement for reviewing as black & white at present,  in view of the transient situation at the borders & terrorist activities going on, though it is  much less at present as compared to what we saw a decade ago.

  1. Peace with Pakistan:

Peace with Pakistan or with anybody for that matter can never be unilateral affair. It always has to be two sided. You are aware that the point of conflict with Pakistan is mainly Kashmir issue. So as per your wise & correct statement “Kashmiris are logically be safe with India” and once the masses in Kashmir realize this fact with no doubt in their minds, in view of past six to seven decades of special nurturing they have been receiving in India & further would watch additional development in future under your able governance. Thus, peace is bound to exist permanently between India & Pakistan once Kashmiris give their final node as you announced logically in open that Kashmiris are safe with India; Kashmir issue would  get logically & automatically decided once for all!

PAKISTAN At  7 An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

  1. Dialogue with Hurriyat:

Hurriyat or any other separatist group in Kashmir has also to well realize what is good for general public in Kashmir in the long run. When they look with unbiased and truthful mind at the accrued general welfare of people and the development of Kashmir that  has been achieved since independence compared to POK in spite of all odds of Militancy & un-conducive & uncertain atmosphere all through since 1947 and would also forecast further future unhindered plans for development to be formulated under your leadership using Central Govt. funds & direction; they would also be satisfied that  Kashmiris would best prosper with India than either as Independent Sate or, with Pakistan. You as Chief Minister of the State have to tactfully assist Prime Minister to see J&K becomes among first 5 developed states of India during present Govt. tenure!

  1. Article 370:

Lot of hue and cry has been raised over the issue of Article 370 without understanding the merits and demerits of this act. It has been already practically modified many times in the past. We used to have president & prime-minister in fifties but somehow it has already got changed to Chief Minister & Governor. We have to attract more and more industrialists from outside investing judiciously to have dreamt development for J&K State. You have to logically accept that nobody would like to invest unless he own factory premises in his own name.

article 370 An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

For this very reason nobody has become interested in setting up giant industrial units in J&K, Kashmir in particular in past. If that is to make a reality, yet another modifications in art. 370 are genuinely warranted. Even mixing with people of other regions gives expansion of ideas and psychological development which in turn enhances over all out look towards life and society. There are ways and means to put conditions of putting minimum number of years before one can be considered for permanent residence certificate as exists in state like Assam. For the sake of harvesting more benefits in the long run, short term short sighted gains can be reasonably overlooked! Well, at the moment I can only say there is no harm to have a free and frank discussion on the subject of Art. 370 for further modifying or, even complete abolishing it for the good development of the State!

  1. Return of Kashmiri Pandits:

Not much need be said about Kashmiri Pandits return! At the heart of hearts you too must be feeling that culturally Kashmiri Pandits can never be separated from Kashmiri Musalmans! All that what has happened since 1980s in J&K, Kashmir in particular was something which no Kashmiri must have ever dreamt. Hindu Muslim unity has always been exemplified as unique in whole the world what speak of India or, Pakistan. During 1947 turmoil, you may well recollect not a single person got killed in the name religion in J&K while; outside countless innocents got killed for the only fault of theirs that they belonged to a particular human made sect.

Looking J&K as an agitating state, the picture of which was attempted to project in 1990 resulting Kashmiri Pandits migration, could never be a welcome in future history of Kashmir. The persons responsible for creating such a situation would also agree that Kashmiri Pandits migrated mainly for two reasons one, for safety of their lives and b) safety of their women’s honor.

Those very persons, who created such a situation for Kashmiri Pandits must have understood by now, how much difficult it had been to shun one’s settled residence when they too had to leave it because of natural calamity Flood hitting them very badly. Just look at birds, bees and other animals how they behave when their nest or den is destroyed…so I request you Sir, to develop some humanity for your Kashmiri Pandit brothers as you used to call them few decades back.

In view of what has been pointed above, you as the Chief Minister & head of State Assembly have bound & moral responsibility of making arrangement for safe returning of Kashmiri Pandits with respect & once lost honour!

Kashmiri Pandits In Protest Against Yasin Malik An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

I continue to wonder as to who are those a few tens or hundreds Kashmiri culprits who did allow outsiders to initiate converting our innocent Kashmiri peace loving Kashmiri Musalmans into dreaded terrorists & murders of their Kashmiri Pandits & even of their own Musalman brothers. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of innocent Kashmiris lost their precious lives. Those very people who unfortunately died, would have helped to develop our J&K if continuing living as it should have been. Can any law be framed which can hold those very notorious persons responsible for spreading terror in once very peaceful Kashmir? I am asking this question to those who claim themselves as leaders of Masses & Humanity!!

From my side right since January1990, I have been trying to remind both Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims to forget what happened as bad dream and return to pre-1980’s brotherly relations we all have been fond of since centuries. But alas, nobody gave any hoots to my suggestion!  About this, I elaborately wrote in an article titled “Ulters should be brought to table” published in “The Telegraph” news paper as early as in Jan. 1991 & also in Open Letter to Omar Abdullah in 2010

Number of efforts from various agencies including the recent one from current Central Government of providing some financial aid to migrant KP families for returning & resettling etc. but, nothing worked as was obviously expected. Unfortunately, not a single word could be heard from State Government since start of their Migration on the subject of Return of Kashmiri Pandits!  Your Government has got the best Chance to work out a strategy to call them back to their homes suitably respectfully and with safety

To my mind, the only thing which would work out as lasting  solution is “Rebuilding of Lost faith in Each Other i.e. Kashmiri Musalman & Pandits”. How and when that would happen is to be thought, planned, decided and then finally implemented by all those whose SAY gets due recognition fromcommonKashmiri Musalman & Pandits alike . At the moment immediately, I cannot think of any such particular group but yes, “Current Elected State Government Members” could play a pivotal role to initiate, plan, execute and finalize the methodology of first returning the lost Love & Faith in Each Other (Kashmiri Musalman & Pandits) and then physical return of Kashmiri Pandits would follow automatically!….Well, definitely that would be my dream come true situation!

  1. Flood Victims:

Excesses due to uncalled for Terrorism & Militancy in valley got further worst complicated with natural calamity of Flood on the Kasmiris, Musalmans in particular. Only decades back such a worst flood was ever seen. Sensible God fearing people should have taken this Flood as warning from Nature to shun hatred based on Religions, Casts, colour and creed. I expected an open call from Kashmiri Musalmans for Kashmiri Pandits to come back to settle in Kashmir….Both communities returning back to pre-1980s brotherhood. But alas, nothing such thing happened and the hatred continued…God knows till what time it would remain!!! The sooner it would go the better for Kashmiris in Toto!

But then, Govt. has also its one of the prime duties to get flood affected families relocated; of course priority first should be given to those who are most affected… Genuine cases need be correctly monitored systematically.

  1. Over all Development Of J&K State

Looking at genuine problems in the State to be tackled on priority need be listed and developmental measures be initiated immediately. Detail can be discussed separately!

B. Illogical & Hypothetical Situation:

Looking J&K as an agitating state, the picture of which was attempted to project in 1990 developing gun culture & Terrorism in the State which resulted Kashmiri Pandits migration. It is not hidden fact that all this was done to make Kashmiri valley a total Muslim State so that its demand to get merged with Pakistan or remain as independent State could be made a reality. This sort of hypothetical situation if by chance would have turned a reality, at the same time definitely J&Ks Jammu region would have got snatched and Ladakh region could have gone to Tibet/China. Well it would surely HAVE been a complete disintegration of J&K State as happened to BHARAT in 1947 creating India & Pakistan!

jammu and kashmir azaadi An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

Now, IF India too looking at its total expenditure made since 1947 on J&K development, Kashmir in particular, would also have become FEDUP and decided let Kashmir and its people go the manner they like.  Exactly the same way as a spoiled Son who does not want to live in a joint family with brothers & parents in spite of family’s repeated efforts, reasoning & loving lessons; father asking his son with a sad heart & anger to go and live separate ultimately for the sake of Peace for the rest of the Family. Now, I am asking all those Kashmiri Separatists who tried their level best and devoted their whole lives for this incorrect & illogical cause:

  1. Can Kashmir populace protect militarily itself as Independent Country from the Neighbors & the rest of World? If YES then, why Indian Army was called to fight Kabalis in 1947? If NO then, there was no need to create all that hue and cry for Azadi which created all that unwarranted turmoil! It all went waste and tens of thousands if not lakhs of people got killed for no sound reason…..who is to be responsible to pay & get punished for their lost lives!
  2. The alternative choice is to merge with Pakistan! Information technology has grown enormously now. It is very easy for all Separatists to compare POK average person’s economy living style and facilities with that of IOK.  If at all POK has better living facilities (about which anybody can have doubts as a matter of fact); you can happily merge with Pakistan……but remember choice is irreversible and one time decision!!
  3. More-over, I wonder if the votingresults (frank and free from Gun fear in Kashmir) about choice of Kashmiris, Musalmans in particular, in the valley comes out to be 33% with India, 33% with Pakistan & 33% Independent State…….What would be the final decision? Would Kashmir valley be divided yet again into three or at least two subdivisions or portions?? Of course Kashmiri Pandits would also get its portion!

C. Dilemma Situation:

   1.      Kh. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, my logic written under the heading A. Logical Situation, in response to your comments about the credit of successful peaceful election given to Pakistan, its terrorists & Separatists etc; has fallen flat even before you could read it, what to speak of suitably grasping it to implement for the sake of welfare of all Kasmiris irrespective of cast, creed and colour of people living in J&K and for the development of the State.

I am extremely sad to write this on hearing that you ordered to release of hard core terrorist responsible for murdering scores of innocents, ignoring the logical objection of your own alliance partner BJP reflecting sure shot dilemma of your mind in tackling your overall governance in coming six years tenure. Not only this, I understand the same terrorist would be made even a minister. From such action of yours, nobody should have any doubt about your mischievous actions that I am unable provide any logical explanation in your favor to tell why you did it. I can only say that you and like- minded group seems to be keen to opt for my point B Situation and sadly bent to perform wrong experiment with J&K and its populace having surely a deleterious effect in the long run.


Thus, logically though, I only feel that you and your full PDP team is firm supporter of situation I mentioned under point B. Illogical & Hypothetical Situation. Under such unimaginable circumstances which you have developed very recently, I wonder how your alliance partner BJP would respond to this!

  1. I heard PDP president i.e. your daughter Mehbooba Mufti attributing the release of terrorist as pre-requirement for the development of State. But, I fail to understand how development is possible under terrorist culture.

mehbooba mufti kashmir militants messiah An Open Letter to J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

D. Conclusive Situation:

       i.             Under the situations detailed above, it was three four days back I thought and write for the good of one and all irrespective of cast, creed & colour & humbly suggested that you kindly ignore Illogical & Hypothetical (B) situation and take up the jobs as per Logical (A) situation as fast as practically possible with sincerity and dedication, with the full support of your cabinet and under Central Government’s direction & help!

     ii.            But as per the changed situation as on now which became evident after you ordered the release of murderous terrorists & murderers, neglecting your alliance opposition on the very first or second day of Assembly meeting; I can only wonder and watch for India’s Fatherly response and order to spoiled son J&K. Further, I pray & hope India through its current Central Government is not losing its patience as regards your peculiar order reflecting clearly your future plans!

  iii.            Final conclusive suggestion to Kh. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Sir from my side is: please do not play with the sentiments of Lakhs of Kashmiris by shifting from A. Situation to B. Situation. There is a saying it would be dangerous to ride two horses at one time. Select either A or B situation for the good of all so that Kashmir issue would achieve a conclusive destination without further loses as explained in detail in the letter!

Thanking you and with my best of regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Kuldeep Kumat Kaul,


  1. Open letter to Omar Abdullah C.M. J&K  Jan. 2011
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