Know the developmental PLAN for Jammu & Kashmir without which a Developed Kashmir is impossible!

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Recent Jammu and Kashmir Election Result has made it empirically clear that a strong wedge still exists between Jammu & Kashmir populace. But yes, public is fed up from Militancy as is evident from record poll out seen. Under the current State situation, to my mind the two major winners BJP & PDP need to join hands for the prosperity and over all development of all the regions of J&K. The new government has an uphill task of fulfilling aspirations of all the people of J & K irrespective of cast, creed & color!

modi mufti jammu kashmir Jammu & Kashmir : Elections And Future Government Specific Role

The Kashmiri Muslims are to come out of the effects of 25 years of Militancy come out of the Militancy effect they endured miserably some 25 years back and natural calamity Flood etc., which had a devastating effect recently. Kashmir Pandits are also to make determination to return to back to Kashmir permanently and thirdly uplift rest of communities living in remote areas. Earlier the discussion was about framing collations to form government, name & religion of new C.M. in J&K was children’s play.

After the elections, we heard a PDP MLA celebrated his win firing in air using AK47. Such incidents, to my mind, are just naughty play of some unpleasant thorns still existing which, need be uprooted at the earliest possible! In view of above children’s pleasant and naughty transient uncertain plays, the need of the hour is to frame out A PLAN for whole of Kashmir in respect of cast, creed & color making it at par with other developed States of India. I became jubilant to hear that the governor of J&K has asked both BJP & PDP to submit their PLAN of Jammu & Kashmir Development as soon as possible.

kashmir development Jammu & Kashmir : Elections And Future Government Specific Role

Let me see what PLANS both would submit I here under would suggest my PLAN without which a Developed Kashmir would never be possible!

1. Reviving Secularism in J&K State, without going into the detail as to what Kashmiris lost since 1989, is the primary duty of the new government. It need to bring home such facts about those losses to the Masses (KPs & KMs in particular). Therefore they need to get united as in the past forgetting each other’s excesses, re-develop faith in each other and join one pointed effort of developing J&K as one of the lead economically self sufficient states of the Country.

2. Terrorists & separatists groups of Jammu & Kashmir modify their attitude to public life adopting the religion of Humanity above their conventional religion thus, leaving an example for future generations as to how one should pleasingly change after realizing one’s mistakes.

3. Outside terror threat has to be united met and exposed by all (Kashmiris).

4. All walks of people, minority community in particular should be provided suitable facilities of education, profession and educate say in running the developmental schemes of the State.

5. Positions should be filled exclusively on merit basis with due respect to nature and expertise of the job and service.

6. Suitable number of assembly seat need be reserved for minority community to resolve their community grievances and problems.

mehbooba mufti amit shah jammu kashmir Jammu & Kashmir : Elections And Future Government Specific Role

7. After visualizing and realizing the changes in general attitude in governance as mentioned from point 1 to 6 occurring, Business Groups from other Sates & Countries would regain their confidence and start re-investing with confidence in view of planned Industrial Development Schemes of the State. Of course, that is possible only in the absence of Gun Fear as was unheard before last 25 years or so in Kashmir. Abolishing Article 370 could play a role of catalyst in over all development of the State!

8. For any successful Industrial Development in addition to machinery, technology, raw material and ample market, the most important is Human resources and its skill development. To make this important input properly available, it is of utmost importance to make speedy decisions and modification in temperamental attitude of masses (KMs & KPs) in particular.

9. Most important of all is to start developing KP Colonies at Kashmir rather than at Jammu as per the revised plan for reasons mentioned under secularism. So that most needed Human Resource for various types of Industries could be developed, wherein KPs are surely to play extremely important role.

10. Conclusively, if real industrial development is to be achieved, the initiation point has to be Safe, Honorable, Fast return of KPs to Kashmir.

11. The wedge, I mentioned at the beginning existing as seen from the election results would definitely vanish.

If all the 10 points mentioned above are judiciously implemented and applied in heart and spirit Rest, being myself a Scientist technocrat, if I can be of any help in any away (technically or non-technically) to fulfill OUR (KPs & KMS) wish of developing dream J&K of tomorrow, I am ready to put my services for that !! With a hope of positive response from you and with my warm personal regards,

Sincerely yours,

Kuldeep Kumar Kaul 

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