Jammu & Kashmir needs a stable government with full term of 6 years else the issues faced by people of state cannot be sorted out in a peaceful manner

More than anything else Jammu & Kashmir needs a stable government which completes full term of six years. In absence of govt. the issues faced by people of state cannot be sorted out in a peaceful manner.

jammu kashmir people government Jammu And Kashmir Needs A Stable And Strong Government

The people of the state have faced innumerable hardship for various reasons since the time of independence. During the time when India become independent from the clutches of colonial rule, the Raja of J & K had two choices to opt from – Either to go with Pakistan or to become united with India. He tried to give a thought to this issue for a long time. In the meantime the Pakistani forces attacked J & K in 1948. Jay Singh asked for Indian support so as to save his territory from the onslaught of Pakistani attack. In exchange for which he agreed to assimilate his princely state with Indian govt. with a condition that its value will be much above the other states of India. J & K will have its own flag, constitution.

Jawaharlal lal Nehru who himself was a Kashmiri pundit accepted the demand for the lieu of this assimilation. Since that day India never had full control over day to day affairs of J & K. The most unfortunate are the people of the state who never enjoyed the kind of opportunities the people of other state have.

jammu kashmir politics Jammu And Kashmir Needs A Stable And Strong Government

In terms of social and economic sense they are way behind other state’s people. Another dent made by the militancy because of which the state has been put under AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power act) which provides special power to armed forces to search, arrest any person based on threat perception. From time to time, people of J & K have been given democratic elected govt. but there was always an improper representation of the two parts of the state i.e. Jammu & Kashmir. This is for the first time the state has govt. first Deputy Chief Minister from Jammu which stands for the proper balance in power between Muslim part which is Kashmir and Hindu dominated part which is Jammu.

There is no doubt that this central govt. is much stronger govt. than any other govt. at the centre from the last 30 years. The full majority it has got in LokSabha election can help it to take stand on any major issue without taking approval from any of it alliance members or opposition. The two issue which are close to the heart for both parties PDP & BJP are AFSPA and Art. 370 for the time being have been put aside. But more than that the people of the J & K need employment, better infrastructure , education facilities , tourism and peaceful atmosphere and for all of these support from the centre is a must. Without wasting any more time the two parties must set on table and start implement the growth agenda.

If everything goes well, and genuine efforts are made then J&K will indeed transform into a ‘heaven on earth’ as it had been in the past.

By: Hitesh Pundir

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