Now that my forecast about PDP & BJP forming joint Govt has come true, here I forecast about the PDP – BJP Government future in Jammu and Kashmir

This is part 2 of a series of posts on Jammu & Kashmir. Read Part 1 here

Now that my forecast about PDP & BJP would form joint Govt has come true after two months of brain storming discussion.

mehbooba mufti amit shah jammu kashmir Jammu & Kashmir : Forecast of PDP   BJP Joint Government

I wish to forecast further that:

1. This joint venture Govt would not only complete full 6 years term but, would amalgamate into a new Regional Party with the name something like KASHMIRI KASHMIRIYAT PARTY.

2. Forecast at 1. would also come true provided my 27th Dec. 2014 mind is read with an open & unbiased mind by one all person living in India, Pakistan & else where, in J&K in particular. One & All has to specifically include on priority elected MLAs of all parties PDP & BJP in particular!

3. PDP would have to throw away for surety soon its rigidity over its framed conditions as regards Art. 370, Self Rule, Armed force restrictions, Talking to Separatists, Pakistan Refugees point etc. etc. None of such subject matter would help in the long run but surely further hinder development of J&K State, commom man in particular which is the need of the hour.

4. PDP should learn from BJP’s wise silence because of which only both could settle for a solution and thus could form the Govt. surprising whole world as a matter of fact. PDP should realise BJP too could frame conditions against PDP’s charter of demands!! Further, PDP need to think of reasons as to why BJP did not do that. Obviousdly, All that was for the good of common masses on either side of Jawahar Tunnel.

5. Not going into lengthy details about my notions about future of J&K, I can only pray to Almighty to shower top most wisdom to Khauja Mufti Mohmad Sayed to act in a manner which would be beneficial for common masses of J&K irrespective of cast, creed, colour and contour of countries of Kashmiris whre ever they reside! Rest is all myth!!

By: Kuldeep Kumar Kaul

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