The mining baron Janardhan Reddy has got bail after three years in jail. We take a look at his rap sheet

Mining Baron Gets Bail After Three Yearsjanardhan reddy JANARDHAN REDDY GETS BAIL

  1. Janardhan Reddy has been granted bail after spending three years in jail following the mining scam that ousted former Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. Yeddyurappa. Reddy has been granted bail when a no objection was granted by the CBI which has now reportedly finished collecting evidence against him. (Source)
  2. The mining scam has involved gross flouting of laws, high level corruption, underpayment of government royalties and has even triggered spill over impacts such as naxalism. The iron ore rich Bellary area of Karnataka was illegally mined by a company owned by Reddy, his brothers G. Karunakara Reddy and G. Somashekara Reddy and the then state health minister B Sriramulu.
  3. According to conservative estimates, the mining scam resulted in a presumable loss Rs1.86 trillion. The Belekeri port scam is an offshoot of the mining scam. Illegally mined ore was confiscated in the process of its illegal export. In spite of the High Court stay, a part of the ore was surreptitiously exported with the connivance of then CM Yeddyurappa. This scam is worth an estimated 60,000 crore rupees.
  4. Corruption in the highest echelons of the government came to light as a result of the mining scam. There is evidence that Reddy and his brothers bribed officials into doing their bidding, including changing the border demarcating the states, so that mines in Andhra Pradesh could be shown as being a part of Karnataka and could be mined illegally. Reddy is also charged with falsifying the area of the mine; of mining areas far larger than the claimed area.
  5. The environmental impacts of Reddy’s illegal activities are also significant. Environmental degradation, destruction of local livelihoods has resulted from the activities of Reddy and his cohorts. There has been evidence of related road damage, accidents and even loss of lives as a result of trucks overloaded with iron ore.
  6. In the past, Reddy’s finance company Ennoble India Savings, went belly up and reported losses of about Rs. 200 crores. This was in 1998; however in 2008 the reported worth of Reddy and his wife was in over Rs 1 billion. Reddy’s clout in the Kranataka politics as well as Andhra Pradesh politics is huge and evidence of his manipulation of the system to suit himself is significant.
  7. In July 2011, Reddy was implicated by Santosh Hegde, Lokayukt via his report. In September 2011 he was arrested for illegal mining, tax evasion and other charges. Reddy is currently also being investigated for the bribing of a High Court judge in the matter of his bail petition. This matter, involving Hyderabad Special Court judge T.Pattabhirama Rao and retired judge T.V. Chalapathi Rao, is referred to as the “Cash for Bail” scandal.
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