Some say whore. Some, prostitute. Some, wanton. Barrage of abusive is hurled at the. Why? Because they are fro red-light area. But Jesus didn’t accuse her.

sonagachi women misery My response to Arent they women ?

Who Are You To Accuse?


Slut! Whore!Prostitute!

They shouted loud !

Come on,every one !

Let us stone her to death!

We caught her red-handed!

As each one picked a stone to hit

The ‘whore’ they caught

Came Jesus, right to the spot.

Sat down and started

Scribbling on the white sand

Whats it He is scribbling?

Take a close look.

‘You who is sinless

Shall throw the first stone !’

Oh! That put every one off.

Every one paused for a while

The politician standing thought

‘Am I not a worse prostitute

Bartering all my values for dollars?’

And dropped the stone down.

The business man thought

‘Didn’t I bribe the minister

To get that licence?’

How can I hit her?

He went away dropping the stone!

The student standing thought

‘If only she knew what I did

In my last exam table !’

No,I would not dare to hit her!

The handsome priest holding a stone

Put it down ,as he was her client yesterday night!

Every one gone in minutes.

Sinless Jesus stood alone without any stone on hand !

He said to the woman caught,

 “Where are your accusers?

Didn’t even one of them condemn you?”

She replied “No, Lord,”

Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”

Even sinless Jesus did not accuse her?

Then who are we to accuse ?

jesus My response to Arent they women ?


By Sundar A.S.

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