Jharkhand Minister Neera Yadav garlanded Kalam’s frame way before his death.

27th Of July marked the never-dying death of Abdul Kalam, albeit his death was mourned 7 days back when Jharkhand Education Minister paid a floral homage to him while he was extant.

abdul kalam1 Was Jharkhand Minister The Messenger Of Kalams Death

Yadav was a chief guest invited to a school in Hazaribargh district of Jharkhand, where she smeared a ‘tilak’ between his eyebrows and garlanded his frame.

Usually, the praxis of garlanding photos, according to Hindus, is practised after one’s demise. Thereby, Yadav’s such unmindful act was pouring scorn to the people’s president.

Twitterites lashed out at Yadav after the sudden pass-away of Kalam. Indians are innately superstitious and hence betokened her as an omen to his death.



By Prerna Daga

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