What was the hurry in arresting Jitendra Singh Tomar ? Was he fleeing to a foreign country? To use the law to humiliate a person is just sad

A cascade of confusing thoughts, a congeries of events, a stream of fantasy, some point of views and a plunge into the dirty stream of politics – just the armchair talk and none of my own work.

Like the continuing slug-fest between the Delhi and central government is taking the depressing  turn with the arrest of the state Law Minister Jitendra Singh Tomar by the Delhi Police in the fake-degree case despite the fact that it is pending decision in the courts.

jitender singh tomar2 Jitendra Singh Tomar et al

Like the courts are themselves being overruled and the L G has become a better judge than the jury itself. The Delhi L G signs a warrant of arrests without the permission of the Delhi Assembly Speaker, who denied having received the ‘fax’ that the police claimed to have sent to him about the arrest of a Minister. The case of Law Minister of Delhi case was to be heard in the Delhi High Court on July 16 and now, before time, it was pre-empted by this sudden arrest.

SMRITI IRANI HRD MINISTER BJP Jitendra Singh Tomar et al

Interestingly Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani is also facing ‘fake degree’ charges with her case also pending decision in the courts and the next hearing is as near as on June 24 and no one talks about it in NDA. Irani’s educational qualifications of being a graduate, as stated in her election affidavit have been challenged in court. Subsequently she claimed that she had got a degree from Yale saying, “In that kitty of mine where people call me ‘anpadh’ (illiterate) I do have a degree from Yale University as well which I can bring out and show.” It was reported since that she was referring to a certificate for a six day crash course she had attended along with some other Parliamentarians at the Yale University.

Like we don’t want to discuss whether not giving complete information in election document about the marital status is a legal offence or moral offence.

Like the argument of Deputy Chief Minister Manish carries much weight: “Is he a terrorist, has he set off a bomb in Delhi to be arrested?”

Like the Senior Lawyer KTS Tulsi expressed shock at the manner in which the issue was handled. He said to reporters, “this incident is entirely unjustified. I don’t know whether the speaker was apprised of the arrest or not. The High Court, as per the documents submitted to it, had observed the degree as not to a fake one but genuine… this is simply unprecedented! It creates a constitutional crisis… Delhi Police ‘this case is an exceptional one, it’s under central government which doesn’t want to devolve the authority to the State government lest its powers are not abused, where does it leave our federal structure? The High Court had seized the matter under its jurisdiction. What was the hurry? Was he fleeing to a foreign country? To use the law to humiliate a person is just sad.”

Like we don’t need likes of Sambit Patra or Rao but the Home Minister himself to answer the charge of AAP leader, a former journalist Ashutosh: “an emergency like situation.Why hasn’t Smriti Irani been arrested yet who is also accused for getting a fake degree? Why didn’t Narendra Modi step down from his Chief Ministership when such grave charges of abetting riots were levelled against him?”

Like the Twitter, that was once the safe bastion of RSS and Radical is trending with #ModiScaredOfArvind and the bold comments like Jayshree’s – Daylight murder of Democracy and constitution by @narendramodi in Delhi.

Like it is interesting to recall the then Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh statement in all news media on 23 th Jan 2013,Tuesday, especially in ‘The Hindu’ that at least 10 people having close links with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its affiliated organisations were named accused in various acts of terror across India.

Yes, during investigations of Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and [Ajmer] Dargah Sharif blasts, we have found names of at least 10 persons who have been associated with the RSS at some point or the other,” he had told journalists. His statement had come two days after Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde had said in Jaipur that probe agencies had found the BJP and the RSS conducted training camps to spread terrorism. “We will have to think about it seriously and will have to remain alert,” he had said. His statement drew sharp reactions from the RSS and the BJP and the latter’s allies such as the Shiv Sena and the Janata Dal (United).

Like the passing strange – the same R K Singh is now an important functionary of the government that had been erected by RSS.

Like sometimes everyone is bitten by the bug of conscience and people speak the truth. The latest example of that courage is shown by no other but an A BJP spokesperson Kailash Nath Bhatt, who is also a senior advocate, raised the issue in a post in Hindi on his Facebook page on Monday, in Rajasthan has questioned the Z-plus security cover provided to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, asking whether the measure could be perceived as a mere “status symbol”.

MohanBhagat PTI Jitendra Singh Tomar et al

God has taken the responsibility of providing security to everyone, so why fear? You should consider whether this security arrangement will make you inaccessible to ordinary swayamsevaks and whether this arrangement will not be called a status symbol?” Bhatt wrote in the post. Interesting to note that Bhatt, who has been a full-time sangh pracharak for four years, said he was not aware why the ‘sarsanghchalak’ (Bhagwat) was provided Z-plus security cover and whether he had accepted it. He pointed out that even security personnel were not secure across the country and that nearly 20 soldiers were killed in a recent ambush in the northeastern state of Manipur.

Like the double speak of NDA about the freedom enjoyed by criminals who are spreading the venom of communalism, bigotry and hatred and the bogus talk of ‘Sabka saath sabka vikas.’

Like the loose cannon of Hindutva Yogi Adityabath is unaware of any law of civilized society and suffers from ‘Foot Mouth Disease.’

Like he believes in Sanya Bhaye Kotwal To ab Dar Kahe Ka? On Tuesday he said that those who opposes yoga have no right to live in India and should instead live in a dark room.

yogi adityanath Jitendra Singh Tomar et al

People who are calling Surya Namaskar communal, I request them that at least during the day, the sun lord never deprived anyone of its light based on any caste or creed. Even after that if they are trying to bring the sun under communal parameters, I laugh at their thinking. And I would request them to not even take in the sunlight, and should lock themselves in houses and dark places during the day,” he said.

Often I feel nausea at the present state of Indian politics. It is no longer politics. It is some other game which demands a new name. I feel like give up writing altogether but old habits die hard. I can’t match of mettle of NDA’s pen warriors. They are masters of turning the vice into virtue, slander into truth, arrogance into humility, brutality into patriotism and sadism into justice. I’m sorry, I’m not capable of that.

However, I’ve not given up hope. I know that India is full of honest and kind Indians who believe in the principle of secularism; who still put their faith in the ideas of Gandhi and Nehru and Moulana Azad; who still believe that India belongs to all religions. I do still dream of a India  where politics would be a great deal better if only good men and women could be attracted into it. India of my dream is a country where political realism and public/political ethics are to be derived from personal morality. A good person is not always likely to be a bad politician.

And the last stray thought – Could we ever get the honest politicians at the helm of affairs? We can’t eliminate hypocrisy but can’t we reduce it to the affordable minimum? The term hypocrisy has its roots in Greek theatre from acting a part in a play and has historically been linked to religious deception, particularly claims of religious piety from those who are especially impious. A hypocrite is one who wears a mask of virtue and convinces the audience that the mask is real. Hypocrisy is distinct from more general acts of dissimulation or deception, for it is possible to deceive without being a hypocrite.  Hypocrisy revolves around the inconsistency between a person’s professed beliefs and true intentions.

In order to make informed decision in every election, Indians must evaluate their representatives‟ rhetoric, promises, and actions. As Thompson has argued, hypocrisy is “a species of deception and no vice is more dangerous to democracy than deceit.  To hold their leaders accountable for any decision or policy, citizens must have truthful information about what leaders and their opponents have done and intend to do” (Thompson 2005). While it seems unlikely and unrealistic to expect citizens to have perfect information about their representatives‟ sincere intentions, if they are routinely misled about their representatives‟ reasons for supporting or opposing particular policies, it is fair to conclude that it may be difficult to hold elected official accountable.

Like I dream and dream and it is nice to dream than to sleep!

By Naim Naqvi

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