JNU has some serious problems . It has become a breeding ground of anti-national students and professors with little use to civil society

The Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid incident at JNU is not an isolated one. And yes, no matter how much spin Barkha Dutt gives to “Azaadi” – as in it was Azaadi from Hunger – does she expect the people to be naive ? The Azadi was clearly from India with reference to Kashmir.

Here’s the speech of one of the professors of JNU right after this incident ! (Note the Indian government pays her salary !! )  – clearly justifying the use of the word “Azaadi” with reference to Kashmir. Now if this is not sedition what is ? How come she is not in Jail and by the timing of it – it would appear that she is looking to be jailed . Basically to get some negative publicity and become another wailer , a pretend “victim” like Arundhati Roy and then apply for donations from NGOs or immigrate to the US or pretend to be a hero for the down-trodden etc . Maybe she is just upset that Kanhaiya has taken all the lime-light and she is trying hard – who knows ?

What is bizarre though – is the cheers from the seated students (and the lack of heckling or any boo’s whatsoever)

JNU has some serious problems – of course Nivedita Menon should be terminated from her job immediately, but there is also need for a thorough look at JNU and the overall education it provides and its utility to society (if any) – JNU needs to be overhauled to say the least.


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