Maham Anga neither can stop plotting schemes in her head to spoil Jodha Akbar relationship nor can see Ruqaiya Begum happy. Let’s see what is she up to now

Maham Anga has started playing games with both Ruqaiya and Jodha. Now this has been one of the traits, isn’t it? But looks like all the stones she is trying to throw on the wall will be bouncing back right at her face because she in order to make Ruqaiya jealous is indirectly getting the two, Jodha – Akbar close.

Jodha Akbar Maham Jodha Abar: Maham Anga Playing Games Yet Again!

The clever woman smartly plays a spoilsport when Ruqaiya Begum sends a bandi to inform Akbar that his Khaas Begum wants to go for a “Kashti sawaar” – boating with him. Maham smartly snoops in the bandi’s message to one of Akbar’s men and mis-communicates with him and tells the khaas begum is Jodha. It was rather very funny how she praises Jodha in front of that man. The sarcasm still reflected both in her talks and face.

Meanwhile, Jodha gets ready to meet Akbar and is very excited. Moti sees this and she makes arrangement for her – the jewelery, the dress and what not. Ruqaiya in her hojra is dressing with equal passion and Hoshyar the eunuch is constantly praising her. While, Maham with Resham the eunuch is only having a big laugh by thinking what will be Ruqaiya’s condition when she wil see Jodha Akbar all together.

No wonder she makes all the arrangement to see that Ruqaiya Begum is late and when Ruqaiya Begum reaches the late, she sees her Jalal is with Jodha, she is shocked and jealous as hell. Let’s see how will she burst her anger in tomorrow’s episode

By: Deepti Verma

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