No matter what the occasion is, Adham Khan never leaves a single chance to try his hand in plotting a conspiracy against Akbar. Was he the same in reality too?

Remember the dacoit attacking Todar Mal at his place in Jodha Akbar serial? Well, the attack wasn’t meant for Todar Mal at all, but for Akbar who had took a shelter at Todar Mal’s haveli. Besides, the troop of the dacoits was not sent by Abu Mali or any other enemies of Akbar, but by his own foster brother Adham Khan.

Adham Khan today, 17th February was shown getting infuriated after his men announced their failed mission to kill Akbar. Making it very clear that Adham Khan had planned this attack by joining hands with the dacoit. Nevertheless, Akbar with his might, presence of mind and valor could not only save Todar Mal but terminate the entire dacoit troop easily.

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Not once but this is at least 6th or 7th time that Adham Khan is planning conspiracies against the shehenshah. Makes me wonder, was Adham Khan  so brutal that he wanted to kill his own foster brother who loved him like his real brother? While, such incidents, whether he wanted to really kill Akbar to sit on the throne or not, are not known, his misdeeds are famous in history.

Adham Khan is the same man who after winning the territory of Malwa became the reason of Roopmati’s suicide since he wanted to claim her. He, instead of giving the winning booty to the shehenshah kept a major portion with him, violating Mughal rule. He also troubled the people of Malwa and defamed Akbar through his activities in and around the Malwa province. He however was saved from Akbar’s wrath after Maham Anga, his mother came to his rescue.

No wonder, his useless attacks and unnecessary jealousy became the cause of his own death.

By: Deepti Verma

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