After Maham Anga is imprisoned, Adham Khan will most likely kill Atgah Khan. Know the story also the real incident of how Adham Khan killed Atgah Khan

Finally the Atifa drama is over, and Akbar is back to his Jodha. Not just the characters in the show, even the audiences are in peace now. Hardly 20 days back we were infuriated as to what is wrong with Jodha Akbar serial, but after 20 days many of the things seems to be sorted out.

jodha akbar atifa1 Jodha Akbar : Adham Khan Kills Atgah Khan !

From Khaiber’s imprisonment in the jail to Atifa’s coincident entry into the shahi Hamam everything now seems to be sorted out. Hmm, something which Ekta Kapoor is very good at, perhaps that is why she is called as the Queen of the soap. No wonder, she knows exactly how to keep the audiences hooked! But, let me tell you this was the best khulaasa she ever did on Indian TV starting from her serial like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (Or if you think there was a khulaasa similar to this, do mention in the comments)

Alright, now that Maham Anga is exposed and she has been given the punishment of life imprisonment – What do you think will be the next step? Well, going by the FB page of official Jodha Akbar it seems that Atgah Khan will soon be dead. Here’s what I think the story would be:

Adham Khan Will Kill Atgah Khan 

In historical chronicles it was Adham Khan who had killed Atgah Khan in the early morning of Isfandiyar 5 Khurdad, Divine month, corresponding to Saturday, 12 Ramazan, 969 i.e. May 16 1562 just few months back after Jalal’s marriage with Jodha in the month of February.

jodha akbar adham khan and his useless attacks Jodha Akbar : Adham Khan Kills Atgah Khan !

The Real Reason Why Adham Killed Atgah Khan 

Well, Atgah Khan was made Vakil (Prime Minister) of the Mughal Dynasty by replacing Munim Khan back in November 1561. This was neither liked by Munim Khan nor could Maham Anga digest this fact. Adham Khan was as hot tempered in reality as he is shown in the serial. So, Munim Khan wasted no time and instigated Adham to kill Ataga Sahab.

6 lesser known facts about atgah khan india opines Jodha Akbar : Adham Khan Kills Atgah Khan !

How Adham Killed Ataga Khan? 

So on a court day, Ataga Khan was sitting in one of Agra fort’s hall with Munim Khan and discussing things when Adham khan came there in a riotous manner along with few others.  When people rosed to greet him, he immediately rushed in and inserted the dagger inside Atgah Khan. When Atgah Khan rushed towards the door of the hall, yet another accomplice of Adham Khan killed Atgah by inserting the sword thrice in this Body. This created chaos in the palace.

Atgah Khan Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar : Adham Khan Kills Atgah Khan !

How Akbar Killed Adham Khan? 

Akbar was in the harem that time. The voice alarmed Akbar who at once got off from his sleep. Immediately, he ordered his soldiers to throw Adham Khan from the tallest rampart of the fort. From 40 ft (12 m) Adham Khan was then thrown. He was still half alive. Akbar who was highly raged by the death of his foster father Ataga Khan ordered his men to bring him back and throw back again. This time with his head first so that he dies, breaking his neck and destroying his body completely.

Akbar Adham Khan son Maham Anga Jodha Akbar : Adham Khan Kills Atgah Khan !

Will Adham Khan Kill Atgah Khan in Serial as well? 

Going by the current plot when Akbar has given the orders of Life imprisonment to Maham Anga, it is quite natural that Adham Khan will revolt. Since, Atgah Khan was the one who helped Akbar in getting Maham Anga exposed, it is quite obvious Adham Khan in rage will kill Atgah Khan. Bringing end to Atgah Khan’s track, one of the most beloved character of Jodha Akbar serial.

Let’s wait and watch how the serial executes the death of both, Atgah Sahab and Adham Khan! 

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Image Source: ZeeTV Jodha Akbar, Zee TV, Wikipedia

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