Still confused about Atifa Track in Jodha Akbar serial? Who is the game planner this time – Mahchuchak or is it Maham Anga?

A vish kaniya couldn’t lure or seduce Akbar but a cute fatty girl named Atifa could magnetize Akbar within minutes? Hmm! Next, Akbar fell in love with  her! The entire Harem then started talking about Akbar romancing a married kaneez. The reel gossip spread like a wildfire in real life too as we, the viewers also got annoyed by Jalal’s sudden change of heart. “How dare he ill treat the pregnant Jodha” we roared all the time while watching Jodha Akbar!

jodha akbar atifa1 Jodha Akbar : Atifa is the BrainChild of Maham Anga?

Many of us even skipped the episodes to avoid seeing the characterless Akbar. Yeah, it was that unbearable. But, the question remained – Was Akbar really infatuated towards Atifa? Was she hypnotizing him? Or was it Mahchuchak’s plan since the fat pig came from KABUL?

We Did Think Atifa was Sent by Mahchuchak, Didn’t We? 

Atifa possessed all the things that made us wonder, “Yes, Mahchuchak is the game planner of Atifa!” 

She came to Agra from Kabul. She Appeared Beautiful – Made One Remember of Benazir Track! When I read social media forums, I realized many of us even started wondering if she was a vish kaniya! Honestly Speaking, I too had that in mind at a particular period of time.

Besides, Mahchuchak’s track was completely sidelined when Atifa started coloring Akbar’s Life through her magic. I still remember her singing in the courtyard and Akbar rushing towards her, neglecting Atgah Khan’s words of advice.

atifa akbar ruqaiya salima jodha begum maham anga Jodha Akbar : Atifa is the BrainChild of Maham Anga?

And finally Yesterday, 

Even Zakira expressed her doubt towards Atifa. No wonder, Atifa did smile when Akbar expressed his desire to divorce Jodha after his nikah with Atifa on the auspicious day of Eid-Ul-Fitr. The bitch only infuriated us further. For the first time ever we loved Ruqaiyah pulling someone’s hair and calling her names. How I wish it continued! 

But Then It is not Mahchuchak, but Maham Anga’s Plan! 

Yes, Atifa is the brainchild of Maham Anga! Ouch! 

atifa jodha akbar villain Jodha Akbar : Atifa is the BrainChild of Maham Anga?

Here’s the Upcoming Story in the Coming Days which will Reveal this, according to the birdie from Zee TV and promos :

Jodha will try to use all her words of wisdom to stop her husband Akbar’s marriage with the witchy Atifa. But Akbar will remain adamant with his decision to marry his new love Atifa. The twist in the tale would be on the D – Day when ATIFA would try to kill Jalal. However, she would know that the Jalal in the bridegroom’s attire is not Jalal but his behroopiya. The real Akbar would then expose Atifa red handed. Further explaining his past behavior to all of them.

The Great Expose of Maham Anga! 

Akbar will then expose Maham Anga by revealing all her plans. Entire Palace including Atifa, and Maham Anga would be in shock to know that Akbar was well aware of Maham Anga’s plan. Finally, it’s a Stale Mate for Maham Anga!

jodha abar maham anga playing games yet again Jodha Akbar : Atifa is the BrainChild of Maham Anga?

Akbar Has Found Out About Chand Begum! 

Guess what? The end of Atifa’s track will not only expose Maham Anga with her planning of Atifa but also the fact that she had kidnapped Chand Begum for so many years. Akbar will rescue his mother Chaand Begum. Nigaar, his sister would be grateful to Akbar!

chand begum nigaar khan Jodha Akbar : Atifa is the BrainChild of Maham Anga?

A Happy Ending Once Again – But, how long will it continue? Well, just till the another track! 


Image Source: ZeeTV Jodha Akbar, Zee TV

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