Aha, finally Jodha confesses that she is in love with Jalal in Jodha Akbar. Read her reaction and watch the video of her confession that makes Akbar smile

26th February Jodha Akbar – The Nauka Vihar/Kashti Sawar is on full swing as Jodha and Akbar does some soul talk thinking why the other is not talking. Telepathy works and the two utter at the same moment. They talk nicely without forgetting to taunt each other but in a friendly manner. However, the two soon realize that neither of the two invited the other which makes Akbar think that it would be a trick to get them close. His suspects are his mother, Salima Begum and Jodha Begum’s bandi cum friend Moti.

Jodha Akbar Confession Jodha Akbar: Jodha Confesses her Love Unknowingly

Meanwhile, in the royal harem, Ruqaiya Begum is fuming like anything and slapping the kaniz who was sent to send this information to Shenshah. She swears that she did not mis communicate still Ruqaiya doesn’t believe it and blames her for passing the information to Jodha.

Early morning next day, Ruqaiya blames Jodha for stealing her Jalal and pulls her straight into the Shehshah’s hojra. He is surprised to see them together. Ruqaiya without hearing anything starts bombarding on Jodha and blames her for everything. Akbar understands why Ruqaiya Begum is angry. He then calls the officer who had given him the communication for better understanding. The officer however, confirms that he thought the Khaas begum was Jodha as she too is one of the khaas begums and lately been too much involved with Akbar. This annoys Ruqaiya even more. Akbar tries to calm her but of no avail. She leaves Jodha and Akbar alone.

Jodha asks forgiveness. Jalal then asks Jodha how she would react had the same thing happened to her instead of Ruqaiya Begum. She replies she would be very angry but not because of insecurities to remain a khaas begum but out of “Love”. Oops, there she said it! No wonder, Akbar was smiling at her notoriously.

By: Deepti Verma

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