You cannot miss the iconic episode where Akbar confronts Ruqaiya Begum & even warns her to stop playing politics with him. Will Ruqaiya be fully exposed now?

It looks like Ruqaiya Begum’s character has reached the verge of getting exposed royally in front of Akbar in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar. Plotting against Jodha from the very beginning the evil mind couldn’t even resist conspiring against her best friend, her first love and her husband Jalal. What’s more, she always wanted to be a mother, but still ended up being an enemy of Salim by making him a pawn of her game.

ruqaiya begum salim Jodha Akbar: Finally! Akbar Confronts Ruqaiya Begum and Warns Her

Here’s what she did,

She Purposely Made Anarkali Dance in Salim – Maan Bai’s function

As soon as Ruqaiya Begum realizes that Anarkali has returned in the palace, she cannot stop running her evil mind. She quickly calls the dance manager and asks her to make Anarkali dance in the function. When manager shows her apprehensions as this act might be against Akbar’s orders, Ruqaiya Begum simply shoo her off saying her order should be followed. This is Ruqaiya Begum’s plan big to hurt both Jodha Akbar through Salim, A modus operandi which she has been using ever since Salim was just a kid.

anarkali jodha akbar Jodha Akbar: Finally! Akbar Confronts Ruqaiya Begum and Warns Her

While, watching the show we had no idea that this act of Ruqaiya will expose her, this soon. However, to all our surprise Akbar seems to have caught Ruqaiya red-handed.  Ruqaiya’s ill intentions are now in front of Akbar.

Anarkali Performs & Blood Flows From Her Leg Which Salim Cannot See

All are surprised to see Anarkali in the hall including Salim. He is not only angry, but is also in pain seeing her in this avatar. She dances like never before and then blood starts oozing out of her leg. Salim tries to control but cannot stop himself, and rushes towards her. All are stunned. However, Jalal  tries to divert people’s attention by saying that the future King Salim loves his awam very much, so much that he can’t even see the pain of a dancer. Every one praises Salim, the next king.

jodha akbar salim anarkali Jodha Akbar: Finally! Akbar Confronts Ruqaiya Begum and Warns Her

Jalal Calls Ruqaiya Begum and Confronts Her

While, Akbar realizes that Salim loves Anarkali very much. He even gets to know who is behind this entire drama. Much to the viewers’ surprise, Jalal calls Ruqaiya Begum and asks her to play chess. She readily agrees. In the middle of the game Akbar confronts Ruqaiya and warns her for her ill doings. What’s more, when Ruqaiya tries to be innocent, an angry Akbar warns her not to play politics with him, because he is way better than her. He is disheartened to see Ruqaiya playing a game with him.

ruqaiya begum jodha akbar 1 Jodha Akbar: Finally! Akbar Confronts Ruqaiya Begum and Warns Her

It was rather surprising to see Akbar confronting Ruqaiya Begum due to her plan. However, we hope that this time Akbar keep a full watch on Ruqaiya so that all the unpleasant  and cruel things that she has done in the past, comes in front of everybody.

The way Akbar catches Ruqaiya and warns her was simply one of the best part of the show in recent episodes. We just hope Ruqaiya finally mend her ways. No wonder this time she has annoyed not just anybody, but Akbar himself.

What do you think will Ruqaiya Begum improve? Or Will she find yet another way to trouble Jodha Akbar?

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