Jodha finally exposed the vish kaniya Benazir by risking her own life. How will Akbar now save his Jodha Begum?

Today’s Jodha Akbar telecast on Zee TV was the most awaited episode from almost a month now. After all, the long drama of Benazir is finally exposed, sadly by risking Jodha Begum’s life.

The Hindu Begum ever since she knew the real identity of Benazir had been pestering Akbar non-stop that the kaniz is indeed vish kaniya. However, Akbar mistook Jodha’s allegations as her jealousy. The consequence – Well, Jodha in order to save Akbar’s life and prove Benazir as vish kaniya, victimized herself by consuming the same seviyan which was tasted by the zehrili toshiba as part of the nikkhah ritual.

Jodha akbar1 Jodha Akbar Daily Review: Will Akbar Save Jodha?

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The devoted wife this time did not try to convince Akbar by her words but proved herself by her actions. Compelled by the situation, she, in order to save her husband from dying, drank the poisonous seviyan. Poor Jodha indeed kept her promise intact. Yes, the same promise which any Hindu girl takes in her seven pheras – To protect one’s husband when time comes. Well, she indeed proved her Rajput status by putting her life in danger but not letting Benazir triumph in her malicious motive to kill her husband.

However, no sooner Jodha consumes the venomous seviyan than she fells unconscious, leaving no chance for the Hakima to remove the venom out of her body. This has puts her life at risk. Akbar, who was so reluctant to believe Jodha all the while doesn’t know what to do. Rajat Toka’s performance in today’s Jodha Akbar simply states how brilliant as an actor he is! His, I mean Akbar’s anger and his love for Jodha is something that made the whole episode even more interesting.

Nevertheless, now that Jodha’s life is almost at risk, let’s see when and how she gains her consciousness. “Will Akbar’s prayer save Jodha’s life?” – What do you think?

By: Deepti Verma

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