In the Ellan-e-Jung promo, Jodha Begum, Ruqaiya Begum along with others are planning for a war – but did Mughal Begums Ever Fight A Battle?

Jodha along with Ruqaiya, Salima Begum and the entire troop of Mughal Begums are ought to fight against the army of Mah Chuchak as Akbar has been trapped by Nigaar and Abul Mali by wrong means. Although, it is good to see the women gang in Jodha Akbar standing tall against all odds and circumstances, isn’t it strange to see the great Mughal Emperor of the 16th century who was HINDUSTAN ka shehenshah detained by a group of not so powerful people?

jodha akbar moghul begum Jodha Akbar Ellan E Jung: Did Mughal Begums Ever Fight  A Battle?

Moreover, isn’t it a shame for the great Mughal emperor who always fought bravely, that his Begums in the fictional series had to come to rescue him back?

So, Did Mughal Begums Ever Fight a Battle?

Well, the only person who really struggled in the entire Mughal dynasty was Humayun as Sher Shah Suri gave him tough time till the time he was alive. Even then, none of Mughal Emperor Humayun’s Begums fought. Apart from him, no one had such a tough time other than the last Mughal Emperor – Bahadur Shah Zafar.

rajat tokas detained jodha akbar jung Jodha Akbar Ellan E Jung: Did Mughal Begums Ever Fight  A Battle?

So, how can we imagine Begums fighting a battle during the most powerful Emperor – Akbar? Now, doesn’t that pinpoint Akbar as a weak ruler, when in reality he was a mighty ruler?

Wasn’t Akbar, the most Powerful Even in the times Shown in the Serial?

The time period in the serial is roughly 1 and a half years after the marriage of Akbar and Jodha, which means – ‘later 1563’ or  ‘early 1564’. By that time Akbar who started his career as a warrior by defeating Hemu, had not only defeated the Surs but many other rulers in the areas of Punjab, Multan, Lahore, Jaunpur and Delhi in North, Gwalior, Malwa towards the central region and even Ajmer in the west.

jodha akbar ellan e jung Jodha Akbar Ellan E Jung: Did Mughal Begums Ever Fight  A Battle?

The person who could easily defeat others, how on earth he needed his wives to rescue him out? Didn’t he had a large army? The truth is, the Mughal Emperors were so powerful that never ever did they require any sort of help from others, let alone women from their own harem including the khwaja sera i.e. the eunuchs.

Well, I Guess The Show Is Celebrating Womanhood & NAARI SHAKTI

Jodha Akbar although might be a historical drama, but iy has certain responsibility towards the nation – Well, what I mean is they have to spread social messages through a show which is high on TRPs.

moghul begum jung jodha akbar Jodha Akbar Ellan E Jung: Did Mughal Begums Ever Fight  A Battle?

So, by showing the Mughal Begums going for a war, the show is not only celebrating womanhood but also, giving a silent message of women empowerment. NAARI SHAKTI, they say! Besides, don’t you think that such an incident was expected? After all, the show is run by the Balaji camp. (Wink Wink)


With the ongoing fusion in the serial i.e. mismatching the past with the present, I only hope, the show takes a substantial turn with effective plot and screen play, rather than unrealistic, like most of us complain.

Lastly, with most of the people complaining the show never mentioned the holy moth Ramzan or Eid, one of the biggest festival – It is a sincere request from all the Jodha Akbar fans to the show managers that they do this in the near future!!!

Image Source: Jodha Akbar Fb, 2

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