#MissiontoSaveJodhaAkbar – Know why the jodha Akbar fans are protesting against Zee TV…

Buzz is that Zee TV is planning to end their magnum opus Jodha Akbar as the serial is no more giving them the TRPs which it once showered. However, this decision has not gone well with the fans of Jodha Akbar who have been watching the show religiously from past two years.

jodha akbar serial Reasons Why Jodha Akbar Fans are on a #MissiontoSaveJodhaAkbar against Zee TV

Here, we share some of the reasons why fans are protesting against Zee TV to save Jodha Akbar serial

They Love the History as well as the Fictional Aspect of the Serial

Jodha Akbar is more of fictional elements and less of history. However, the fans love almost all the angles shown between the lead i.e Jodha and Akbar.  This is the reason why they want to save the serial. Also, they believe not much has been captured between Jodha and Akbar even in these two years. So, since the serial still has potential in it, they do not want Zee to end this show, just because the channel wants to give the same time slot to another upcoming serial.

jodha akbar atifa1 Reasons Why Jodha Akbar Fans are on a #MissiontoSaveJodhaAkbar against Zee TV

They Admire the Acting of Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma

We all know what class actors Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma are! Stopping this serial would mean an end to watch them on TV for the short term at least. This is the reason why Twitter is overburdened by tweets with hashtag #MissiontoSaveJodhaAkbar. The crazy fans of the serial and Rajat-Paridhi know that their say matters. That is why the fans are protesting against Zee TV on social media.

jodha akbar star guild awards Reasons Why Jodha Akbar Fans are on a #MissiontoSaveJodhaAkbar against Zee TV

Zee TV’s decision to end the serial is sudden and against the wish of writers, viewers and production house

Even Swastik Productions’ Mahabharat had a lot of fan following where each of the characters were loved equally. However, none of the fan clubs either of the serial or of any particular character/actor went on a protest to prevent its end. The reason being, Mahabharat marched towards its climax in a proper way where the audience knew the show will end in some weeks. However, the same thing doesn’t apply for Jodha Akbar serial where the channel all of a sudden decides to put a full stop when the story is hanging somewhere, but definitely not close towards its climax.

jodha akbar writers Reasons Why Jodha Akbar Fans are on a #MissiontoSaveJodhaAkbar against Zee TV

Instead of working towards the TRP of the serial, Zee TV decided to end the show

Zee TV launched Jodha Akbar serial by calling it as Zee’s magnum opus. However, instead of trying to increase the TRPs they have decided to end the serial. The TRPs declined when the story shifted from Jodha Akbar to Salim Anarkali which obviously was not liked by the fans. Now an ideal decision would have been to shift the story back to Jodha Akbar (it is already done because from past two months the show is all about Jodha Akbar), but no, rumor has it that the channel wants to end it soon.

salim anarkali jodha akbar story Reasons Why Jodha Akbar Fans are on a #MissiontoSaveJodhaAkbar against Zee TV

Now that Zee TV has decided to end the show, let us look back to some of the beautiful Jodha Akbar serial songs (with the Jodha Akbar song download link of course!)

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