With Birbal’s entry, will Jodha Akbar serial revolve around the legendary love story or will it now focus on Akbar Birbal fables?

Finally, we see the witty Birbal in Zee TV‘s Jodha Akbar. An iconic character, his entry in yesterday’s episode was as interesting as his image! Seems, it is not just a blissful time for Akbar who is out from the “Petticoat” Government, but also for all the die hard Jodha Akbar fans who were eagerly waiting for the entry of Birbal.

birbal jodha akbar Jodha Akbar Is All Set to Become Akbar Birbal !

The Association of Akbar and Birbal

Since Akbar was brought up by the people who were not his parents, he acquired a feeling of love and affection towards people outside his immediate family.

This is the reason why Bairam Khan was considered a father figure and Maham Anga, baddi Ammi jaan. After Bairam Khan’s demise it was Atgah Khan who took care of Akbar and his Empire, both as an officer and a fatherly figure. However, destiny always kept Akbar away from his father’s affection. And unfortunately, even Atgah Khan couldn’t give Akbar the required company. 

This was the time when Birbal entered Akbar’s life. 14 years  older to Akbar, Birbal might not be a fatherly figure to Akbar but no one can deny the  fact that he was a close confidant till he breath his last. This is the reason why almost all the courtiers in Akbar’s palace were jealous of him. He had the Emperor’s confidence and trust in him.

Well, who is Rajat Tokas‘ Birbal in Jodha Akbar?

Gopal Singh! The name might not be familiar, but the face is well known. He has been seen earlier seen in many of the Madhur Bhandarkar‘s movies including Company and Traffic Signal. In one  interview Gopal mentions, “I’m not so keen to do a Television role but since it was Birbal’s role, I decided to go for it.”

gopal singh birbal jodha akbar Jodha Akbar Is All Set to Become Akbar Birbal !

Well, Birbal in the serial is not the only new entry. He is accompanied by his wife as well. Sweety Walia will play the role of Birbal’s wife. Wonder, how the two would add the funny quotient in a serial where new entrants are known for spreading poison and creating rift amongst the existing leading characters.

Will it be Jodha Akbar > Akbar Birbal, Jodha Akbar < Akbar Birbal or Jodha Akbar = Akbar Birbal? 

The show till now has managed to entertain us very well. While, we don’t mind watching the amazing chemistry of Jodha and Akbar time and again, we hope to see an equally amazing Bromance between Akbar and Birbal. How can one forget the famous folk tales of Akbar and Birbal. The stories where the witty Birbal like an intelligent officer solved all the queries of the Mughal Emperor and his praja. (Well, now this reminds me of Mia Khusru – Hope to see him soon in the show too! )

AKBAR BIRBAL HUMOUR Jodha Akbar Is All Set to Become Akbar Birbal !

For a change, it looks like Ekta Kapoor’s this historical serial will break her earlier trend ‘From Interesting to boring‘  to ‘From interesting to more interesting‘ as Jalal’s life gradually turns in the direction of Akbar. The Navratans are only going to add some interesting flavor in the show.

Perhaps, the end of notorious Sharif-Ud-Din is near – What do you think? 

Image Source: Jodha Akbar FB, Akbar-Birbal, Gopal Singh

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