Jodha Akbar serial even after several leaps continue to rule the heart of the masses. Here are the reasons why it is the best serial on TV!

Jodha Akbar serial even after several leaps continues to be one of the highly rated serials in the industry. No wonder, the historical drama is watched and loved by almost every TV buff. 

Below are some of the unique qualities of Jodha Akbar that make the historical drama, one of the best shows on TV.

jodha akbar salim puja Jodha Akbar Hindi Serial : Why Its The Best!

The Outstanding Acting of All the Actors

From the main protagonist to the villains and the side actors, almost everyone is a talented actor including the ones who were seen only for a short while. Never do we get bored because of anybody’s acting. In fact, the acting of each actor accentuate the overall script of the serial. Whether, it is the brilliant acting of Rajat Tokas (Akbar) and Paridhi Sharma (Jodha) or the villainous act by Lavina Tandon (Ruqaiyah Begum), and Chetan Hansraj (Earlier Adham Khan and now Haider), everyone stands paramount when it comes to acting. Besides, how can we forget the Mariam Makhani, Salima Begum, the important courtiers and even the khwajah seras who have been essaying their roles exceptionally!

jodha akbar team Jodha Akbar Hindi Serial : Why Its The Best!

The Unique Love Story Between Jodha and Akbar

Love doesn’t have any boundaries.” “It has the potential to even melt the hardest heart.” “Love can even heal the broken heart.” ” Love is a language which even a blind can see and a deaf can hear.” are quite a few adages we have been hearing since time immemorial. However, the exceptional story between the Rajput princess Jodha and the Mughal king Akbar is a perfect example of all these phrases on love we have heard so far.

jodha akbar love scene1 Jodha Akbar Hindi Serial : Why Its The Best!

The Constant Funny Bickering Between Jodha and Akbar

The way Akbar teases Jodha time and again, is one of the best elements of the show. No wonder, their funny fights bring back the life of the show when the villains are busy spreading venom inside the Palace. Paridhi Sharma’s innocence and Rajat Tokas’s unique charm further spice up the entire sequence, eventually making us watch their nok jhoks again and again.

jodha akbar hindi serial 1 Jodha Akbar Hindi Serial : Why Its The Best!

The Melodious Songs and Background Score

From Ishq Hai Woh Ehsaas, Inn Aankhon Mai Tum to Hey Muralidhar, Hey Damodar, every song in the serial is downloaded on the internet thousand of times. This proves how much the Jodha Akbar fans love the songs played in the serial. Both, the songs and background score not just matches the 16th century theme but also pleases the viewer’s ears quite well!

jodha akbar serial leap Jodha Akbar Hindi Serial : Why Its The Best!

After all, it gives us historical information even if it is in tidbits

We all know Jodha Akbar is a historical fictional and not everything shown is correct. But, then, history in itself is a big question mark. Besides, had it not been this serial, not many of the people would even know about Akbar and his legacy, the way they do know. Also, it gives a visual experience of the past, focusing not just the war but various other things including Harem politics. 

jodha akbar marriage Jodha Akbar Hindi Serial : Why Its The Best!

Last But not the Least – It Promotes Various Positive Things

A Moghul worshipping Lord Krishna, a Hindu offering Namaz, a Saas (Mariam Makhani) loving her bahu (Jodha) like her own daughter and even fighting for the rights of women are some of the traits which makes this Hindi serial one of the most watchable show, so what if it is based on 16th Century India, it still teaches us things that our worth are attention even if we are past 20th century.

women power jodha akbar Jodha Akbar Hindi Serial : Why Its The Best!

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source, IANS

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