Love is brewing between Jodha Akbar . The couple are now engaged in eye talks. Jodha was even seen indirectly confessing her love but  in her mind. Will the cherished moments continue or Maham Anga will spoil it again?

February is the month; Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Everywhere there is so much love that Jodha Akbar too couldn’t be spared of this feeling. Aha, finally those warm moments with some eye and soul talking in Ekta Kapoor’s historical magnum opus.

Jodha akbar1 Jodha Akbar 7th February Update: Finally the Moments of Love

The most awaited moment that is the beginning of romance between Jodha and Akbar is finally building its stepping stones. Jodha, for the first time is shown blushing by Jalal’s gesture and care. Jalal too is loving spending these cherished moments with his Hindu queen, finally they have buried all the hostile past. While the friendly taunt is still on, it only reminds the regular nok-jhoks of the happy couple who are ‘very much together’.

The way Jodha keeps on asking about Jalal’s view on Benazir’s beauty only portrays how much she is in love with him and is desperate to hear that she is more beautiful than Benazir. This different behavior of Jodha, mellowing towards Jalal was a treat to the eyes, credits to Paridhi Sharma who performed the act very well. Rajat Tokas as usual was at his best with his Shehshah accent and laugh. The smooth version of the song “Ishq Hai Yeh Ehsaas” I guess was played for the first time and indeed filled the whole milieu with love and romance.

Looks like finally the happy moments have arrived for the historical couple who not only united two different religions but also helped in reducing distances between Hindu and Muslims.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: IANS, Video Source: ZeeTV


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