Jodha Akbar TV serial – In the new plot, Murad is eager to kill his half brother Salim, the Shah Shah and the next Mughal Emperor in making

All is not well between Murad Mirza and Salim in Jodha Akbar serial. While, Salim has no clue about Murad’s animosity, Murad is determined to punish Salim for snatching his power and insulting him at the Mughal Court. In fact, he is now planning to kill his own brother Salim in the TV serial to seek revenge.

murad mirza jodha akbar Jodha Akbar : Murad Wants to Kill Salim?

Why Murad is So Eager to Kill Salim?

After acquiring the title of Shah Shah, Murad Mirza, the half-brother of Salim and the son of Akbar starts assuming himself as the next Shenenshah. He doesn’t realize the fact that this is just a strategy planned by his father to get rid of Shah-e-Iran’s tantrums who labeled Salim as an illegitimate child since he was born from his Hindu wife Jodha. Not knowing the fact that one day this position will be returned to Salim, Murad starts dreaming about becoming the next Mughal Emperor. What’s more, he even starts taking decisions like a Shah Shah. While, Salim is angry on his father, Murad thinks his own brother is jealous of him. This becomes the major cause of problem between the two brothers.

jahangir salim jodha akbar crown prince Jodha Akbar : Murad Wants to Kill Salim?

Next, Akbar sends a huge army to tackle the forces of Shah-e-Iran and even wins the battle successfully. Post this, Akbar is very happy to announce that his first born who has the right to become his heir will be his Shah Shah and nobody else. While, everybody is happy to hear that Salim is becoming the next Shah Shah, Murad is miffed and angry. He cannot believe that he is no more the Shah Shah.

Instead of talking to the Emperor, Murad thinks Salim is the real culprit. He thinks it is because of him that he cannot become the next Shehenshah. He blames everybody for being partial to him, including his other brother Khan-e-Khana Rahim. No one can make him understand, not even Daniyal. Besides, the traitors try to instigate him to kill his own brother Salim. This is the reason why he is planning to kill Salim in Jodha Akbar serial.

Is It a Reality? Did Murad Really Aim to Kill his Brother Salim?

While, there are chronicles which talk about Murad appreciating his brothers’ skills, there is no evidence proving his animosity with his half-brother Salim. In fact, he had issues with his father the Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar, so much that he often revolted against him indirectly.

jodha akbar murad salim Jodha Akbar : Murad Wants to Kill Salim?

Murad never rebelled or protested against his father directly. However, he would often pick up fights with Akbar’s trusted noblemen especially Khan-e-Khana over military tactics. While, it is often said that Murad aimed for the Mughal throne, nothing can be inferred much since he died young.

Yes, He was Addicted to Alcohol and died because of Alcoholism

In the Jodha Akbar serial, we are seeing how Murad cannot stop drinking alcohol. Strange but true, both the elder sons of Akbar were addicted to something or the other. While, his elder son Salim was addicted to drugs, his second son Murad was addicted to alcohol.

murad jodha akbar zee tv Jodha Akbar : Murad Wants to Kill Salim?

Murad’s addiction was known to Akbar and this is the reason why he with the help of Khan-e-Khana stopped the supply of alcohol to the place where Murad resided. However, Murad somehow made his own provisions and died due to alcoholism at a very young age. He was just 29 when he took his last breath.

Murad’s jealousy and animosity towards his brother Salim is just a fictional element, and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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