In today’s Jodha Akbar episode, Akbar is shown performing Puja in front of Jodha’s Kanha. Inconsolable, he joins hands so that the Lord listens to his dua for his Begum Jodha.

In the episode of Jodha Akbar on 5th February 2014, it was depicted how critical Jodha Begum’s life has become. Nothing seems to work on her body, neither the medicines nor any therapeutic curative measures. The Benazir effect perhaps was too dangerous for Jodha’s life. Hakima Sahiba conveys the news to Akbar by confirming, “If anything can save Jodha Begum, then it is dua and only dua.”

jodha akbar1 Jodha Akbar Daily Review: Akbar Prays in front of Kanha

Akbar is upset by the news. Never ever was Akbar shown in such a gloomy avatar However Jodha Begum’s critical condition made him look totally helpless. Who said he was heartless, his tears portrays he indeed had a heart and did beat for his beloved Hindu Begum Jodha.

He, then orders Atgah Khan to call everyone including the awaam (subjects) so that entire Agra prays for Jodha Begum. Next, we see everybody from Salima Begum, Bakshi Banu to Atgah Khan and even Ruqqaiya Begum praying for Jodha Begum’s life, while Jalal is shown crying and repenting for not listening to Jodha and her words.

After that, we see Jalal is talking to Jodha in the third world where he is trying to convince her to come back to him but she refuses. She then reminds how he alleged that he would never see her face even if she is dying. Well, though the scene is quite filmy and also adapted from Ekta Kapoor’s other daily soaps, the conversation is intriguing for all the Jodha Akbar fans who from long were awaiting such a sequence.

Jalal early in the episode is showing praying in front of Kanh’a statue. He is even showing lighting the diya and praying to Krishna the way Hindu people do, clearing stating how religious tolerant Akbar as a ruler was. While, Akbar in reality may or may not have performed an aarti in his life, Rajat Toka’s aarti was enough to convince Akbar’s softhearted nature and his sentimental attitude towards his loved one.

By: Deepti Verma

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