Now that Jalal and Jodha are finally together, will Ruqqaiya Begum try to become the third wheel or should I say Kabab Mein Haddi?

The disguised Jodha and Akbar in their Marwari avatar together seem to be enjoying each other’s company even when they are detained by their own soldier for not paying pilgrim tax. Lot of glancing and staring at each other shows how the two are now falling for each other.

jodha akbar fb Jodha Akbar 12th February Review: Ruqqaiya the Third Wheel?

In the prison, Jalal questions the Mughal Jailer for the reason of tax on pilgrimage. The question offends the jailer and he decides to teach the disguised shehenshah a lesson by slashing his body with a whip. Jodha, however rescues Jalal by giving all her jewelry to the jailer as tax. The two then moves out from the jail all alone leaving behind a troop of Mughal soldiers in the jail and come across a group of banjaras. The happy go lucky banjaras are happy to help the “Marwari couple”. Jodha even cooks roti for her Jalal and together they watch the banjara dance where they imagine each other singing and dancing.

But but but, now that Ruqqaiya knows that Jalal and Jodha are together, will she keep quiet? Of course not, and so the jealous Begum or should I say the third wheel gears herself to venture out for the same pilgrim. While, Aami Jaan seems to be tensed on such a decision, Ruqqaiya begum assures her that she will be fine. Besides, no matter how ordinary Jalal’s get-up might be, she maintains that her eyes will definitely find her childhood friend even if he is amidst a huge crowd.

Aha, so Ruqqaiya is all set to become kabbab mein haddi in between Jalal and Jodha. The third wheel in the love story of Jodha Akbar, do you think she will spoil the romance we have been enjoying so far?

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Zee TV Jodha 

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