Ruqqaiya Begum has finally met the disguised Jodha-Akbar. Will she now try to become a third wheel to Jodha and Jala’s relationship? Watch the episode here

It seems that Ruqqaiya Begum can neither control her heart nor her brain. First, she acted as if she isn’t interested to go out with Jalal along with other Begums and now when Jodha is accompanying Jalal, she can’t even see the two spending some quality time. No wonder, she herself came on the spot and turned out to be a big kabab mei haddi. While she might act as if she is concerned for Jalal, the truth is, the Begum-E-Khas is jealous of the budding relationship between Jodha – Akbar

jodha akbar fb Jodha Akbar 14th February: Ruqqaiya Begum fuming with Jealousy

Poor Ruqqaiya is so obsessed with Jodha that she is even ready to dress as a common girl by boycotting all her royal dress not even caring about her status, which is otherwise so dear to her. Still, her nonsensical behavior just doesn’t stop here. She is even seen trying to imitate Jodha and goes ahead in making roti’s for Jalal. However, being a naïve in cooking, she end ups burning the roti.

Further, the covetous Begum is so pissed that she even tries to distance Jodha and Akbar by managing to build a tent for Jalal and herfor the night stay. Despite of all her futile attempts Akbar still seems to be attracted towards Jodha and so doesn’t give much attention to Ruqqaiya ,which of course irritates her.

Let’s see till when Ruqqaiya Begum tries to tolerate this behavior of Jalal. In the precap, it was showed that she catches Jalal red handed staring at a sleepy Jodha outside his tent.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Zee TV Jodha 

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