In Jodha Akbar serial, Jodha is offended after she sees her son Salim in a Tawaifkhana. Wasn’t this a normal practice during the Mughal era? Then why is she being hyper?

A Mughal Prince enjoying a mujra or spending some quality time with the dancers alone was a common thing in the Mughal period. However, the Jodha of the Jodha Akbar serial seems to be offended seeing her son in a tawaif khana. Too much of modernity seems to have entered inside this 16th century woman who cannot see her son in a kotha.

jodha akbar serial salim kotha Jodha Akbar : Why Is the 16th Century Jodha Offended Seeing Salim in a Kotha ?

So, Why is Jodha Offended Seeing Salim in a Tawaifkhana?

During the period of Mughals, the courtesan women were not just sex workers unlike the later period, but women who devoted most of their time in pursuit of arts. In fact, these women were skilled dancers, poets, musicians and/or even poets. These women were different from sex workers we find today -whose main role is only to offer sexual favours.

salim with dancer Jodha Akbar : Why Is the 16th Century Jodha Offended Seeing Salim in a Kotha ?

The definition of the tawaifs changed after colonial period when British banned the entire tawaifkhana as they played a major role in 1857 mutiny. These Kothas in the 1857 revolution became a major point of meeting where even the tawaifs participated actively in India’s freedom struggle. However, when the angrez banned these kothas, Tawaifs were left with no work. This is how these tawaifs who were once involved in various forms of arts, became ‘just’ prostitutes in the British Raj.Though majority of them became sex workers, some of the women even joined Bollywood as musicians and Singers.

Normally, for a royal woman of the Mughal era, a son (crown prince) enjoying a dance or spending time with dancers would have been quite a normal thing, Perhaps, as normal as Polygamy. But the reaction of Jodha from the Jodha Akbar serial doesn’t seem like it was a normal thing. Jodha in the serial is behaving as if she is not a 16th century Imperial woman, but that of a 21st century. She acts like a Present day Mother who would get a heart ache if she would know her son goes to a prostitute.

If you see Jodha’s reaction is not that of a Mughal Queen, but more like a 21st century Mother who cannot imagine her son enjoying space with bar dancers or prostitutes. Things have changed now but in that era when Polygamy was a normal practice, going to a dancer wasn’t a big thing. Besides, Salim was a Mughal Prince, the crown prince – who would even dare tell him anything.

courtesan bollywood Jodha Akbar : Why Is the 16th Century Jodha Offended Seeing Salim in a Kotha ?

But no, our Jodha Akbar serial is too desperate to add a modern tadka. Instead of rightly showing the lifestyle of the Mughals they are eager to glorify them as heroes. Or are they trying to Glorify Jodha by showing how good she was to stop Salim (Later Jehangir) from getting into bad vices? Hmm, either way they fail because a mismatch of timeline can never go well with the audience.

It is actually quite funny to see Jodha getting offended due to something which was one of the recreational activities of the Mughal Prince and Kings. Forget Mughals, even the other Indian kings from various place and era had these women in their Palace.

royal courtesan Jodha Akbar : Why Is the 16th Century Jodha Offended Seeing Salim in a Kotha ?

Someone please give Jodha and the entire team a chill pill so that they stop making a scene out of this. Meanwhile, the CVs, guys, you need to get out from your slumber – Otherwise the falling TRPs will fall completely with no chance of revival…

God Bless!

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